Why we love Sitefinity

There's a lot to love about the Sitefinity content management system (CMS). Topping the list ... it is easy to use for all skill levels, portrays a unified university brand and leads to positive experiences for our site users. Here are some more good qualities of Sitefinity.


  • No matter your skill level, you can edit and maintain your website with Sitefinity's turn-key user interface.
  • Widgets are easy to use. Just drag and drop them onto your pages to display content.
  • Log in to any browser to edit your site anywhere there's an internet connection.


  • Sitefinity designs unify our university's web presence, displaying under three related and brand-compliant visual themes.
  • Ultimately, an improved and integrated user experience supports the university's mission of enabling student success.


  • We're 508 compliant. That means your site adheres to federal legislation requiring digital content be accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Sitefinity automatically incorporates responsive design, so our website will work well on any device.
  • Accessibility to all users means your site achieves maximum user friendliness.


  • "Hub and spoke" site architecture organizes content based on topics and tasks. This lets us meet user needs, target key audiences and improve search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Integrate your site with key university systems and social media technologies to disseminate content quickly and easily.
  • Enhance your web content through specialized functionality, such as blogscalendarsforms and analytics.


  • Permissions-based access to Sitefinity features keeps our website safe.
  • Sitefinity makes it easy for us to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).