How to create articles

The Newsroom widget is a reusable content type. This means that all of the articles displayed with this widget have to first be created in the "Content" area on your dashboard. The follow steps will walk you through creating an article. 

  1. From your Sitefinity dashboard, click the "Content" tab located at the top of your webpage and select Newsroom.
  2. You should already have a newsroom created.
    1. If not, click the option to "Create a Newsroom". Name the newsroom, publish, and click on the newsroom or articles link.
    2. If so, click on the newsroom or the articles link. Both options go to the same area. 
  3. Click the option to create an article.
  4. Give your article a title and subhead.
  5. If you are choosing to display article from an outside source, use the "External Source Article" option. 
  6. Enter an "Original Publication Date". This is the date that displays on the article regardless of the date that it is created in Sitefinity.  
  7. Fill in the article information and article summary information. The summary appears as a preview when not displaying the full article in the widget.
  8. Add an author byline.
  9. Add feature article options. Be sure to choose the media type you would like to display.
    1. PLEASE NOTE: Featured images should be 850px wide in order to display properly in the full detail view for articles.
  10. Select options for tagging.
    1. Options include campus, school or college, target audience, related degree programs, categories and the ability to create your own tag. 
  11. Finally, add social media and SEO tagging to increase your search results. 
  12. Publish