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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

Student Engagement

Keeping Students Informed and Engaged

Students in a group photo after attending a nuggets game together

The Office of Campus Student Services makes central to its mission that students have plenty of opportunities to stay engaged with the campus community. It advises Student Senate, manages student organizations and interest groups, and helps keep students informed of volunteer opportunities, recreation, and events on campus.


Volunteering During COVID-19

The School of Medicine student leadership along with the greater University have created an opportunity for students to volunteer. Your schools, college and programs have identified liaisons that will work you to find a placement that works for your time commitment. This is an uncertain time and your skills are needed now more than ever. Thank you for being part of a community that is willing to see a need and fill it. 

If you interested in volunteering, please click here!

Studen​t Sen​​ate

Looking to learn ​more about student government or how to get involved on campus? Student Senate is the group for you.​

Stude​nt Organizations and Interest Groups

Are you looking to start a new student organization or interest group, or looking to renew a current one? Let us help!

Community Out​reach Opportunities

Looking to volunteer​ or give back to the community? Here are some nearby opportunities where you can do just that.

On-Campus Recreati​on

Need a quick break? Check out your active, on-campus options.​

Ca​mpus Happenings

Every week, we send out an events newsletter called Campus Happenings to your campus e-mail address. You can find an online version of it here, updated weekly.​​