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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver

Student FAQs

 How does it work?

A student grants access to all or portions of their record as viewed in the UCDAccess Portal by entering the guest’s name and email address. The guest receives a few emails to establish their access, connects a social media profile for authentication, and they're done!​3

 What if a guest doesn’t have one of the three social media accounts?

They'll need to create one. CU Guest Access uses Google, LinkedIn or Facebook to authenticate a guest's identity. There's no way around this at this time.​14

 Which parts of my record can I grant access to?

  • Advisor information—May include name and email for assigned advisors based on plan or program
  • College Opportunity Fund (COF) selections—For Colorado resident undergraduate students who are COF eligible
  • Class schedule—Enrolled, dropped and waitlisted classes by term
  • Contact information—Includes student home, mail and local addresses, email addresses and phone numbers
  • Course history—A record of all classes taken, including campus, status and grades
  • Emergency contact information—All emergency contact information supplied by the student, including a contact’s relationship, address, phone and email, if available
  • Enrollment appointments—Enrollment dates for upcoming terms by campus
  • Grades—All grades from classes taken at any University of Colorado campus, including credit hours and GPA
  • Health insurance selection—Coverage selected or waived by the student and by term
  • Holds—Current campus-specific holds that may impact registration
  • Program/plan information—Includes all institutions, careers, programs, majors and degrees
  • Transfer credit report—Credit received from external institutions and applied at CU
  • Unofficial transcripts—Includes “All CU Careers” unofficial transcript

 Does it include access to Canvas and/or midterm grades?

No. The only items guests can see are those in your official student record.​​4

 Does it include access to my bill?

No. Access to financial records is maintained by the Student Financial Services office (Bursar's Office). You'll need to set up your guest as an authorized payer to grant them access to your bill.​5

 Can I select individual items for a guest to have access to?

Yes. Students can select any combination of items to share with their guests.​6

 Can I change a guest’s access?

Yes. You can make changes to a guest's access at any time by editing your CU Guest Access settings in the UCDAccess Portal.​7

 Can I revoke a guest’s access?

Yes. You can revoke guest access at any time by editing your CU Guest Access settings in the UCDAccess Portal.​8

 How many guests can have access to my record?

As many as you want!​9

 Can guests make changes to my record?

No. Guests are not able to make any changes to a student record (such as updating an address) or complete any action on behalf of the student (like registering for classes).​10

 Can a guest call in to ask questions about my record?

No. CU Guest Access does not allow a guest to speak with a university representative about your record. In order to allow a guest to do that, you need to establish a FERPA Consent to Release for that guest. ​11

 What’s the difference between this and FERPA Consent to Release?

CU Guest Access is online and read-only. A guest can't do anything on your behalf, and they can't speak with a university representative about your record. However, FERPA Consent to Release allows the university to discuss student-approved records with a parent or authorized third party.​12

 Who do I contact with questions?

If your questions aren't answered here, contact the Office of the Registrar at or 303-315-2600.​13