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Faculty Committees

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee shall consist of at least five faculty members, four students, and report to the faculty and administration. The committee is a standing faculty committee in the School charged by the Dean to assess teaching and learning in the curriculum by creating an assessment plan and reviewing assessment activities.  As a secondary goal, the committee will assist administration to define objective and subjective measures of performance for other School missions. 

Charges to the Committee:

  1. Create an assessment plan that meets accreditation standards, pursue a realistic timetable for achieving the assessment plan and prepare requisite reports in a timely fashion.
  2. Take a scholarly approach to identify, evaluate and recommend improvements in assessment instruments and methods to assure quality assessment and advancement of learning in the curriculum.
  3. Develop assessment matrices for achieving:  student learning and mastery, curricular quality and teaching evaluation process
  4. Student learning and mastery: evaluate appropriateness of course-embedded assessments for linkage to curricular ability-based outcomes, and evaluate student learning based on these assessments. 
  5. Assess data from external assessments of curricular quality (e.g. ACPE/AACP surveys, NAPLEX results, etc.) and forward to pertinent stakeholders.
  6. Assure that the assessment process supports ongoing curricular review by the Curriculum Committee. 

2018-2019 Assessment Committee

  • Members
    • Molly Huntsman, Chair
    • Six Faculty Members

  • Ex-Officio Members
    • Jason Brunner
    • Kari Franson
    • Shaun Gleason
    • Kevin Lawanto
    • David Thompson