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Jacci Bainbridge, PharmD, FCCP

Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Mailing address:

University of Colorado
Anschutz Medical Campus
School of Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Neurology
12850 E. Montview Blvd. V20-4126 
Aurora, CO 80045

Office Location:

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (V20)
Fourth Floor
Room 4126


Voice: 303-724-2617
Fax: 303-724-2627

Training and Education:

  • September 1, 1995 - August 31, 1996 - Specialty Residency in Neurology, University of Colorado College of Pharmacy, Denver, Colorado
  • July 1, 1993 - June 30, 1995 - Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Colorado School of Pharmacy, Denver, Colorado
  • 1986 - 1988- Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy , Ohio Northern University School of Pharmacy, Ada, Ohio

Dr. Bainbridge serves as a clinical pharmacy specialist at the Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion in the Neurology Clinic. This is part of the Neurology Residency Teaching Program at the University of Colorado Denver. Services provided in these clinics include: review of patient information identifying and resolving drug-related problems and consultations; recommending alternative medication therapies for patients; evaluating patients for medication toxicity; providing cost-effective recommendat ions; providing education to health care practitioners, patients and families; monitoring for drug interactions; avoidance of drug interactions; and reporting of drug interactions. Dr. Bainbridge manages patients with neurologic disease states to include: Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, Willis-Ekbom Disease formally known as Restless Legs Syndrome. Clinical research is a significant portion of Dr. Bainbridge’s interest. Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and several neuroprotection trials in Parkinson’s Disease, funded by the NIH, are current research projects she is involved with.


  • Professor of the Year. Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences P2 Class, 2010, 2011, 2012.
  • Professor of the Year. University of Colorado Denver P2 Class, 2008
  • Preceptor of the Year. School of Pharmacy. University of Colorado Denver, 2005
  • Fellow American College of Clinical Pharmacy, 2004
  • Preceptor of the Year. School of Pharmacy. University of Colorado Denver, 2003


Clinical/Research Interest:

  • University of Colorado School of Pharmacy
  • PHRD 5200 Coordinated Seminar (1 credit hour)
  • University of Colorado School of Pharmacy
  • PHRD 4770 Coordinated and teaching IOS VIII (6 credit hours)
  • University of Colorado School of Nursing
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • University of Colorado School of Pharmacy
  • Advanced Disease State Management 5
  • PRDO 5350 Nontraditional Pharm.D. Program (4 credit hours)
  • University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Department of Neurology lecture series
  • University of Colorado School of Pharmacy
  • PHRD 5660 Comprehensive Patient Care (5 credit hours)
  • University of Colorado Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Medication Management Therapy lectures and Grand Rounds

Recent Publications:

  • Lisa Hong, Jacquelyn Bainbridge. Anticonvulsant effects of SSRIs. Mental Health Clinicians. 2012;2(5):19 Available at:
  • Anne E. Eudy, Jacquelyn Bainbridge. Clinical Pearls for Chronic Use of Antiepileptic Drugs. Mental Health Clinicians. 2012;2(5):20. Available at:
  • Caleb Oh, Jacquelyn Bainbridge. Lowering the Seizure Threshold Associated with Antidepressants, Stimulants, Antipsychoics, and Others. Mental Health Clinicians. 2012;2(5):21. Available at:
  • Jacquelyn Bainbridge, Ellen Whipple Guthrie. Multiple Sclerosis: Managing the Whole Patient. Pharmacy Today. American Pharmacists Association. December 2012:66-76.
  • Anne M. Libby, Vahram Ghushchyan, Robert Brett McQueen, Julia F. Slejko, Jacquelyn Bainbridge, Jonathan D. Campbell. Economic Differences in Direct and Indirect Costs between People With Epilepsy and Without Epilepsy: Samples of U.S. National Populations”. Med Care 2012; 50: 928-933. Outcomes research. 2012.
  • The NINDS NET-PD Investigators. Design Innovations and Baseline Findings in a Long-Term Parkinson’s Trial:the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Exploratory Trials in Parkinson’s Disease Long-Term Study-1. Movement Disorders 2012;27(12):1513-1521. (Research Article)
  • Robert Lee Page II, Patrice Spurck, Jacquelyn Bainbridge, Julie Michalek, Robert Quaife. Seizures associated with regadenoson: A case series. Nuclear Cardiology Bullet. Doi: 10.1007/s12350-011-9461-1. 15 October 2011. Inprint J Nucl Cardiol 2012 Apr;19(2):389-391.
  • Kavita V Nair, John Corboy, Kristijan Kahler, Richard Read Allen, Vahram Ghushcyan, Robert Brett McQueen, Jacci Bainbridge, Homa Dastani, Nikita Mody-Patel. Use of diagnostic tests and procedures for disease-modifying therapy users and non-disease-modifying therapy users with multiple sclerosis. Expert Rev. Neurother. 11(6),787-798 (2011).
  • Jacquelyn Bainbridge. Current and Emerging Therapies in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis. Pharmacy Today. American Pharmacists Association. May 2011:63-75.
  • Zac Haughn, Jacquelyn Bainbridge (Senor and corresponding author). “ Recognize and Prevent Polypharmacy in MS Patients. Practical Neurology September/October 2010: 22-27.
  • Michael Egeberg, J. Scott Bainbridge, Jacquelyn L. Bainbridge (Senor and corresponding author). “Managing Chronic Noncancer Pain With Opioids: A Case Approach for the Pharmacist”. Available at July 15, 2010. (1.5 hours ACPE)
  • Jacquelyn Bainbridge, Stephen Setter, Bradley Williams. “The Pharmacist’s Role in the Early Management of Parkinson’s Disease”. Supplement to Pharmacy Today. APhA Special Report. June 2010. (1.0 Hour of ACPE).
  • Jacquelyn L. Bainbridge, Mark Ruscin. The Challenges of Treatment Adherence in Elderly Patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Drugs and Aging 2009: 26 (2): 145-155.
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    Epilepsy and Pregnancy. NeuroNews. (CE) Volume1, Issue 3. Spring 2007.

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