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NTPD Program

Frequently Asked Questions

 How fast can I complete the program?

All students have up to six years to complete the program. On average most students complete the program in 3 - 4 years. Every individual’s situation is unique to them. Depending on the student’s professional and personal life circumstances the Distance Degrees and Programs Office does it’s best to accommodate and offer flexibility for all our students.​


 Can I complete the program and keep my full-time job?

Absolutely! In fact, 99% of our students are employed. We do encourage you to speak with your employer before starting the program.​​


 Am I allowed to complete rotations part-time?

Part-time rotations may be allowed outside of Colorado, but are not guaranteed. This opportunity is dependent on whether the site and preceptor can offer this type of schedule. All Colorado rotations are 240 hours or six weeks in length and follow a set block schedule.​


 Do I have to come to Colorado?

Not usually. All didactic curriculum is carried out online and can be done remotely from your home. When it comes time to complete rotations, the Office of Experiential Programs along with your academic advisor will do their best to help assist in finding rotations for you in your home state, however they are not always guaranteed. Students are always welcome to come to Colorado where a site will be guaranteed.

For more information on the experiential training portion of the curriculum visit:


 What is the maximum and minimum number of courses I can take each semester?

There is no minimum or maximum numbers of courses you must enroll in. You can tailor each semester’s enrollment to accommodate other professional or personal commitments. If you want to complete the didactic portion (online coursework) in 2 years, you should plan to enroll in 6-9 credits per semester. To meet full-time requirements for financial aid, you will need 5 credits or more each semester.​​


 Do I have to find my own rotation sites?

No. This is done in-house through the Office of Experiential Programs and the guidance of you and your academic advisor.​


 Are all courses offered every semester?

We offer courses in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Some courses are offered multiple times a year and every course is offered at least once per year.​


 What is the total cost of the program?

Tuition and fees change year to year. To see the current tuition and fees pricing visit:


 Can I complete rotations at my place of work?

Yes, we do allow students to complete rotations at their place of employment, provided the site can offer an experience that aligns with the educational needs of the program. Additionally, there must be no conflicts of interest between the student’s job and educational experience. Students may not be paid for any rotation hours.​


 Can I take semesters off during the program?

Most definitely! Remember our program is flexible and caters to working pharmacists. You are welcome to take a semester off. Keep in mind three or more consecutive semesters off will result in deactivating your student record and you will need to resubmit required documentation in order to reenroll in the program. In addition all students are required to complete the program within a six years. Any time taken off is time included in the required timeframe. It is important to speak with your advisor before taking a break from the program.​


 How long are rotations? Do I have to take time off of work to complete them?

Students must perform 30 weeks or 1200 hours of advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotations. In other words, students complete five rotations each six weeks in length, 240 hours per rotation. All rotations are typically fulltime eight-hour days. Students should speak to their employer well in advance to ensure full support is provided. Part time rotations outside of Colorado may be available with the full cooperation of the site and preceptor.​


 Can my work experiences meet any requirements?

Past and current work experiences can be taken into consideration. The DDP Office allows the option of a credit by challenge to be submitted in place of certain rotations. Credit by challenges are exclusive to the NTPD program and the maximum students are able to submit are three. Students provide evidence listed in the challenge to show they meet the objective of the clinical rotation using past or current experience. There is a statute of limitations on the timeframe of experience which is 6 years prior to starting the NTPD program. This means any and all experience in a credit by challenge must not be older than 6 years.

You can find the topics that are accepted for credit by challenges in the following credit by challenge manual, Credit by Challenge Manual, starting on page 9. Your academic advisor would also work with you to assist in credit by challenges and let you know what experience you have can be used.​​