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Master's Degree (MS) in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Drug Delivery Track

Biologic-based drugs have revolutionized the treatment of cancer and other immune- and inflammatory-based diseases, such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, and thus represent an increasing proportion of the therapeutic tools used for those conditions. Pharmaceutical biotechnology and drug delivery are concerned with the development of protein drugs, vaccines and nucleic acid-based drugs.

This track will provide students with the fundamental knowledge required for the synthesis, characterization, formulation, stabilization and delivery of these drugs. By possessing a sound understanding of how to successfully develop and deliver a biotechnology drug, students graduating from this track will be recruited by the pharmaceutical industry or new start-up biotechnology companies.

Sample curriculum for the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Drug Delivery track

Courses listed in blue are core classes required for all tracks; courses in red are required for the specific track; courses in green are representative electives (specific selections will be determined by the advisor and student based on career goals).


Questions? Need More Information?

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