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Master's Degree (MS) in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Drug Discovery Track

Modern drug discovery has been transformed by the integration of medicinal chemistry with systems approaches, computational and high throughput screening, and bioinformatics. New therapeutics are designed to be highly selective and are targeted to individuals or groups of patients. Transforming drug targets into therapeutics is fast becoming the new standard in discovery efforts.

This track offers students an opportunity to gain insight and experience in the drug discovery process. This includes computational design of molecules, high throughput/high content screening, structure-activity relationships, the selection of appropriate biomarkers for drug action, targeting drugs for personalized therapies, and the application of bioinformatics in the overall drug discovery process. Students trained in these approaches are well-positioned for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and governmental regulatory bodies.

Sample curriculum for the Drug Discovery track

Courses listed in blue are core classes required for all tracks; courses in red are required for the specific track; courses in green are representative electives (specific selections will be determined by the advisor and student based on career goals).


Questions? Need More Information?

Feel free to directly contact Dr. David Kroll, Director of Master's Degree Programs, at 303-724-4626, or by email to