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Diversity Fellowships

​JFK Partners initiated a Diversity Fellowship program in 2015-16 with funding from the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) National Training Initiative. This program prepares fellows from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to create systems change on behalf of persons from diverse backgrounds who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. More information about Diversity Fellows, application process and deadline are located here.

Projects developed by Diversity Fellows are highlighted below:


Priscilla Carlson

Maki Gboro

Teresa Nguyen


Jeanette Cordova 

King Viteron


Brian Be (Self-Advocate) - Having Interdependence (H.I.) is an inclusive artistic movement workshop to explore the meaning of interdependence

Joelle Fang (SLP Fellow) - Increase awareness of the availability of early intervention speech-language therapy services for children ages 0-3 within the Asian Pacific community by partnering with the Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC)

Esther Hsueh (Nutrition Fellow) - Understanding how cultural roots and identity shape child-rearing, feeding, and perceptions of early intervention services

Tina Mounlavongsy (Public Health Fellow) - Why Screening for Autism with the SRS and SCQ does not perform well across diverse populations

Aijiana Zanders (Audiology Fellow) - Do the Characteristics of Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing with Additional Disabilities Differ by Race/Ethnicity or Other Demographic Factors?