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Assessment and Treatment Services

JFK Partners serves individuals with developmental disabilities across the life span, from toddlers through adults. Primary referral questions tend to be diagnostic with a focus on autism spectrum disorders. Assessment services include interdisciplinary team assessments and single discipline assessments (psychology or speech/language). Therapeutic services include psychotherapy, speech/language and occupational therapies, group therapy, and family therapy.

After decades of working in close collaboration, JFK Partners (JFK), University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Developmental Pediatrics (formerly The Child Development Unit), Children’s Hospital Colorado are pleased to announce the integration of our two nationally recognized programs.  This integration will allow both departments to operate under the same organizational umbrella. As always, both programs are committed to continue to provide the same level of service excellence to our families and community partners, whether it is advocacy, clinical, research or training related. 
We began a tiered integration in August 2014. At that time, interdisciplinary team diagnostic asessments were transitioned from JFK to Developmental Pediatrics under the Children's Hospital Colorado system, adding to an already comprehensive array of evaluation services provided by Developmental Pediatrics. Even though our pediatric diagnostic assessments have been conducted under a new organizational structure, we have been able to maintain the same high quality interdisciplinary model and service excellence. In August 2015, pediatric therapies delivered by JFK psychologists, speech/language pathologists and occupational therapists were integrated. The therapies include both individual therapies as well as group treatment. Beginning May 2016, JFK providers will see all adult clients under the Children's Hospital Colorado system. Please click here for a letter to the community about Adult Services.
• Pediatric Diagnostic Assessments and Therapies call 720-777-6630
• Adult Diagnostic Assessments and Therapy call 720-777-6630
• School Consultations call 303-724-7633
• General  JFK Partners call 303-724-5266
Please be assured that JFK Partners mission and status within the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry have not changed.  The integration of diagnostic assessment services will allow for greater operational efficiencies.  We also believe this integration will enhance the breadth and accessibility of developmental and behavioral services to patients and their families. 
At this time, JFK Partners’ educational programs, community outreach and research / training programs will continue as they are.  Other clinical services including individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, parent training classes and ENRICH early intervention home visiting will continue operation in their current form and referral procedures will not change.  Once the tiered integration has occurred we feel as though we will be able to better serve the community.   
​​Interdisciplinary team evaluations may include the following disciplines: psychology, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, developmental behavioral pediatrics, child psychiatry, and nursing. 
These evaluations provide diagnostic clarification and recommendations for treatment. Families seeking evaluations generally request an initial diagnosis, second opinion, recommendations for an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), or follow-up treatment recommendations.
Psychological Evaluations:
Psychological evaluations are typically performed for purposes of diagnostic clarification, and may include intellectual and cognitive assessment, academic assessment, social/emotional assessment, functional assessment of behavior, and evaluation of adaptive behavior and self-care functioning.
Speech/Language Evaluations:
Speech/language assessments include evaluation of receptive and expressive language functioning, social language and oral-motor functioning.


A variety of therapy services are available through the clinic. They include speech therapy, occupational therapy, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, supportive counseling, parent guidance, and behavioral therapies. 

Learn more about our therapy services:

School Consultations are available for public or private school programs seeking support for their staff in working with students with challenging behaviors due to behavior or learning difficulties. Diagnostic clarification, standardized assessment, functional assessment of behavior, and the comprehensive recommendations for the IEP process may all be part of the consultations.

This flyer provides more details about the types of consultation we can provide.