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The Computational Bioscience Program brings a pioneering new approach to computation that advances human health and the molecular understanding of life. Founded and directed by Prof. Lawrence Hunter, the Program is globally recognized for its research and teaching of computational biology and bioinformatics at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. The Program is designed to produce graduates with depth in computational methods and molecular biomedicine, an intimate familiarity with the science and technology that synthesizes the two, and the skills necessary to pioneer novel computational approaches to significant biomedical questions.
Outstanding biomedical research now requires inventive computational tools to harness the torrent of post–genomic data. Our computational innovations have led to significant insights across a broad spectrum of biomedicine. Deeper insight, arrived at more quickly, is what medicine needs today.
Learning how to make such contributions is hard. Our award-winning PhD in Computational Bioscience and post-doctoral training programs create productive, interdisciplinary scientists in a relatively short period of time. Our students begin supervised research immediately, collaborating with top scientists, working with the latest high–throughput instruments on critical biomedical problems.

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