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Student Advocacy : John Repine, MD

As the Associate Dean for Student Advocacy, I help and advise medical and physical therapy students with any and all of your concerns. My interactions with students are entirely confidential and strictly “Off-of-the-Record”. I have been in this position for nearly two decades and have gained considerable experience with many issues. At your request, I can serve as your advocate at promotions and honor council deliberations and various interactions with faculty. I am connected with and can make referrals to a cadre of other confidential professionals who are skilled in addressing academic and many other issues. It is always better if you seek my consultation earlier rather than later. My contact information is listed below:

John E. Repine, MD
Waring Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Director Webb-Waring Center
Associate Dean for Student Advocacy
303-724-4788 (office 8118 in RC-1)
303-917-4257 (cell)