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Alternative Career Option Resources for MDs

MDs may choose to pursue careers other than clinical medicine for a variety of personal and professional reasons, and they may do so at different times in their training or careers. Alternative paths might occur directly out of medical school, out of internship once a license is earned, after residency, or after years of practicing clinical medicine. At any of these stages a dual degree may be useful, including PhD, MBA, JD, MPH, MHA, etc. The career options for which an MD degree is beneficial are vast, so the career search is best tailored to each individual’s interests and goals. Specific job descriptions and salaries also vary by region and by education and experience of each individual. Therefore, this website is meant to provide a sampling of websites for interested medical students to learn about alternative options and begin exploring education and career paths tailored to his/her specific interests.

General websites and resources
General Health Care and Research
Public Health
Health Administration
Medical Writing
Alternative Residency Paths
About the author of this resource

Roaxanne Baca compiled these resources as an independent project with the office of student affairs as a 4th year student. She did not pursue residency, but rather planned to work part-time utilizing her MD in some capacity so that she can spend more time as a mother. Roxanne completed this project to aid in her own career search, as well as to provide other students with some useful information that is not often readily available to medical students. Roxanne welcomes questions and would also appreciate input from anyone who has some knowledge about or experience in this area. Please email the Office of Student Affairs.