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GHT Steering Committee

Striving to provide GHT students with the best global health education

The Global Health Track (GHT) and its director believe in the importance of constantly working to improve all aspects of the track. The Steering Committee is a group of GHT students that work in conjunction with the track director to create a community of globally minded health care providers and help make the Global Health Track and its work as successful as possible.

Steering Committee Members

Class of 2020 Brian Adams
Class of 2020 Andrew Kamel
Class of 2020 Vishnupriya Krishnan
Class of 2021  Sanju Garimella
Class of 2021  Ian Lawrence
Class of 2022  Natalie Lays
Class of 2022  Scott Stuart
Class of 2023  Rachel Graham
Class of 2023  Lauren Norheim
Class of 2023  Helene Prickel

Class of 2024 Steering Committee Spots OPEN!
Apply now! See how to apply below.

​Want to be a part of the GHT Steering Committee?

Who is eligible to join?
    • The GHT Steering Committee is made up of 2-3 individuals from every class. Only medical students and CHA/PA students are eligible to apply.
How do I apply?
    • Write approximately 1-page letter of intent answering the following:
​     1.) Why would you like to be on the GHT Steering Committee?
     2.) What are some ideas that you would bring to the GHT?
     3.) What direction would you like to see the GHT go in the