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Global Health - Understanding Health Across the Globe Thematic Area

An MSA in Global Health focuses on a topic or research question specific to a population abroad or a domestic refugee population. MSA projects are completed with the help of a faculty or community mentor with practical experience in global health. The MSA project may address any issue affecting the health of individuals and populations, and may take the form of clinical research, a humanities and social science question, or a public health/epidemiology inquiry. The MSA in Global Health includes time abroad to design and implement a project to address the scholarly question.

All interested students considering a global health MSA project abroad must apply for the Global Health Track, which provides additional coursework and guidance relevant to International projects (only students in the Global Health Track can participate in an MSA project abroad. There are special requirements to travel abroad, please refer to requirements to the Global Health Director). For additional information on how to apply for the Track prior to matriculation, please go to SOM Admissions.