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MSA Course Director & Associate Director for Clinical Research

Kristen Nadeau, MD, MS


Kristen Nadeau is the Director of Research for the Pediatric Endocrinology Division and Co-Chair of the CCTSI Scientific Advisory Review Committee (SARC). Her research focus is on reducing long-term complications of diabetes, inactivity and obesity in youth, including mechanisms of insulin resistance (IR), β-cell and exercise dysfunction, and renal and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Her lab performs assessments of pediatric cardiovascular, vascular, renal, exercise and autonomic function, body composition and insulin sensitivity and secretion (staged hyperinsulinemic clamps with multiple isotopes, hyperglycemic clamps, hypoglycemic clamps), as well as home physical activity and sleep monitoring. She also has established collaboration with experts in circadian rhythms, sleep, cardiology, radiology and bioengineering for the performance of cardiac and vascular MRI, MRI for mitochondrial function and hepatic and visceral fat, circadian rhythm analysis and sleep studies. She is the Pediatric Chair and PI of the NIDDK multi-center RISE U01 study of β-cell preservation in youth and adults with prediabetes or early type 2 diabetes (T2D), a Co-I of the NIDDK multi-center U01 TODAY trial, a large randomized, double blinded trial of lifestyle vs. medications in youth with T2D, Co-PI of a JDRF study of the impact of bromocriptine on IR, circadian function, sleep and vascular disease in youth and adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D), PI of an ADA-funded longitudinal cardiovascular study in adolescents with obesity, vs.T1D vs. T2D, Chair and PI of a multi-center JDRF trial of metformin to improve insulin sensitivity in obese adolescents with T1D, Co-I on an NIH RO1 trial of the impact of treating depressive symptoms on IR and T2D risk in adolescents, and Co-I of an NIH UO1 multi-center gestational diabetes prevention study in obese American Indian girls. She also mentor junior faculty, fellows, graduate and undergraduate students across multiple departments with work focused on IR, cardiovascular and renal disease, the role of sleep, circadian rhythms and sleep apnea in pediatric obesity, polycystic ovarian syndrome and male hypogonadism.



Work Phone 720-777-2855

Office Location 13123 East 16th Avenue, B265​

Clinical Science Associate Director

James Maloney​, MD
Office Location: Research II : Room 9026JamesMaloney profile photo 9.2017.jpg

Dr. Maloney came to the CU School of Medicine campus in 1987 as an intern and has been here since (all but 8 years) enjoying the great academic and teaching environment of the campus. He is a native Californian (Orange County) and a University of Washington alumnus. Since completing Internal Medicine residency and Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship here in 1996 he has taught medical students in small groups, wards/clinics, and lectures. In 2016 he took over as the clinical Co-director for the Phase 1 Cardiovascular Pulmonary Renal (CVPR) Physiology block. He has been a primary clinical mentor to students in the Foundations in Doctoring curriculum for a decade, and in 2019 began as the clinical associate director for the Mentored Scholarly Activities (MSA) curriculum. He is a professor in the CU Anschutz Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Division where he cares for patients both in the clinics and intensive care units (any student is welcome to contact him to shadow in the ICU for a change of pace, to improve clinical skills, and to put Phase 1 knowledge in context). He is the senior co-chair of the CCTSI Scientific Advisory Review Committee (SARC) that reviews on-campus clinical research. His research focus examines a) how common genetic variation in genes may predispose to pulmonary vascular disorders such as ARDS, blood clots, and pulmonary hypertension; b) patient safety in pulmonary medicine (such as prevention of steroid-related pneumocystis pneumonia, also as an MSA mentor), and mechanisms of Covid-19 injury of the lungs.