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Phase III Expectations

    • Attend MSA lectures during ICCs
    • Utilize non-curriculum time or intersessions and other times for investigation or refinement of project
    • Communicate regularly with mentor regarding progress on project
    • Communicate with your Associate Director by the end of the Fall semester (during ICC)
    • Submit MSA update Form 
    • Submit a Narrative Reflection paper
    • Mentor and Associate Director review and sign. This can be done by e-mail from the mentor. 

Pha​se III Course Requirements and Timeline

    • Meet with mentor as necessary
    • Meet with Associate Director by the end of the Fall semester (during ICC)
    • Serve as student evaluator at Annual Student Research Forum in Decembe/January. 
    • Submit MSA Phase III Project Update by March 15th (this is the final exam equivalent for the MSA course)

If you do not have a project and need assistance, contact your Associate Director.

If you have questions or problems that are not answered through the student FAQ's, please email to request a meeting with one of the Associate Directors.

Completion of your updated Comprehensive Plan Form will aid in your residency applications during Phase IV.