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Hidden Curriculum

 The Hidden Curriculum began in 1998.  The goal of the curriculum is to provide opportunities for you to learn about issues that may affect your professional development, yet are not necessarily addressed in the structured curriculum.  There has been much written about medical professional indoctrination and how a great deal of this socialization process is based on a set of learned behaviors from informal personal experiences during training.  It is important to reflect on how these personal experiences may be shaping the care you deliver.  It is also important to reinforce the positive experiences as much, if not more, than to address the negative experiences.

The format for the Hidden Curriculum is structured to promote a safe environment in which to share your experiences.  Each group is comprised of 8-10 students with 1-3 facilitators. Each group will have at least one faculty facilitator and one MSIV College Advisor as well.  The facilitators’ role is to assist the discussion amongst all of the students in the group. 

wo of the sessions will occur during the required Integrated Clinicians Course (ICC) curriculum in December and late April/May; the rest of these sessions will occur during the clinical blocks.  Groups are scheduled to meet on certain days during the year, but the actual timing of the meeting and meeting location is completely up to your group.  Generally groups have chosen to meet off campus (e.g., someone’s house), but some meet in the Education Buildings on the Anschutz Medical Campus. 

There are topics and questions for each session, but there is considerable flexibility as to what can be discussed in a given session, as it is dependent upon what you and your peers would like to share. After each session, one facilitator from each group will provide a summar of the group’s meeting.
  A summary of the comments from all of the groups will then be shared with all the facilitators, students, clinical block directors and SOM administration.

Additionally, there will be 2 sessions in Phase IV (fourth year), which will take place during the ICC Phase IV courses.