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Course Mechanics

Course Director: David Ecker, MD
(303) 724-6421 or (303) 724-6420
Associate Course Director Kristin Furfari, MD (preceptors)
(303) 724-4559
FDC Course Coordinator Veronica Paradise
(303) 724-6421​

Tracy Johnson​                                            (303) 724-4559

Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum Office
The FDC office is located in room E-1322H, on the first floor of Building 500 of the Anschutz Medical campus.

In an effort to save trees, we will use e-mail for all essential course correspondence. It is your responsibility to check e-mail regularly for course information and details. Course information is also posted on the clinical curriculum website.

Office Hours
The office is open from 8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. Private appointments may be scheduled with any of us. The bottom line is that we try to be accessible to you. Please feel free to call us at any of the numbers.

Professional Conduct
It is essential that all excellent physicians uphold a certain set of professional standards. These principles include competence, honesty, confidentiality, appropriate boundaries with patients, and respect for patients, your colleagues and others with whom you work. Appropriate attire for patient care activities is part of being a medical professional and should be maintained at all times during preceptor sessions. You and your preceptor may negotiate the appropriate dress for the practice. You are expected to wear a nametag.

You are responsible for your own transportation to your continuity clinic. Office hours vary, and you should establish with your preceptor the time and exact location to meet for these sessions.

Inclement Weather
Your safety is a prime concern. If inclement weather makes travel to a preceptor office hazardous, please call your preceptor to reschedule your session.

Illness/Religious Holidays
If you cannot attend a continuity clinic session due to illness or a religious holiday, please call your preceptor and the Course Administrator.