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4-Week Clinical Experience

Since our founding in 1923, our department has always been dedicated to the education of our medical students. We recognize that, no matter what specialty you ultimately enter, most of you will practice psychiatry one way or another. Our core psychiatry curriculum will provide you with the clinical understanding and tools for this reality. Our Psychiatry Care Clerkship provides supervised clinical experiences, didactics and reflective writing small groups in which to hone your skills, expand knowledge in psychiatry and thoughtfully consider difficult or challenging experiences. Psychiatry grows each year in the effective treatments that it offers patients, while it retains its essential interest in the individuality of their lives. You will become part of both the growth and the tradition of education in our field. We look forward to working with you.

PC ​Goals (PDF with objectives)​
  • Develop skills, knowledge & attitudes necessary to perform a psychiatric assessment consistent with level of training.
  • Develop skills to help patients identify current major concern(s), their adaptive and mal-adaptive behaviors and improve patients’ insight into their current situation.
  • Develop skills, knowledge & attitudes to construct and communicate a prioritized differential diagnosis and preliminary treatment plan consistent with level of training.
  • Develop professiional behaviors necessary for care of psychiatric patients.