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iTeach Mentoring Assessment Program Step by Step

A Program of the Academy of Medical Educators

Purpose: To provide feedback and recommendations to individuals engaged in medical education with the intent to improve skills and foster career development.

Brief Summary: Individual mentees will request a mentoring consultation from the University of Colorado School of Medicine Academy of Medical Educators. Upon request, the educator will be matched with a trained mentor with expertise in the style of teaching chosen (i.e., lecture, small group, bedside). A three-phase iTeach mentoring assessment would then be performed over the ensuing 6-8 weeks.

Phase I: Pre-Observation

    • The mentor contacts the matched mentee to arrange a time for a pre-observation meeting, the direct observation and the post observation session
    • The mentee completes a survey instrument, including structured self-reflection
    • The mentor and mentee meet to review expectations and self-reflections, including:
      • Expectations and goals of the consultation
      • Expectations and goals of the mentee
      • The mentee’s self-perceptions of their teaching ability (review of recent teaching evaluations)
        • Strengths and weaknesses
        • Areas of desired help/improvement
      • Remind the mentee that the coaching is confidential
      • Discuss how mentor will be introduced in the “classroom/teaching site,” i.e. “The observer is here as part of faculty development”
      • Self-reflection​ (structured)

Phase II: Direct Observation

Phase III: Post Observation

    • The mentor prepare a summary of the educators strengths, weaknesses and recommendations 
    • The mentor and mentee will meet to review the iTeach Observation 
    • Six months after the assessment, the mentee’s teaching evaluations will be will be reviewed
    • A post assessment effectiveness survey will be performed