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Links to faculty development and other items of interest

Medical Education

Dr. Noah Finkelstein, Professor of Physics at CU Boulder - Active Learning in the Cloassroom Video: Active Learning in the Classroom: Fad or Fixture - Noah Finkelstein (FYI- the video starts about 32 minutes in)


Video of UCSF Medical School Vice Dean David Irby, Dr. Molly Cooke and Dr. Bridget O'Brien presenting their groundbreaking study Educating Physicians, A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency, at Medicine Grand Rounds Wednesday, June 10, 2010. Click View the Video at the bottom of the Blog post.

The UCD, Department of Family Medicine hosts the Levitt Distinguished Lecture Series at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Over the years over 50 distinguished visiting professors, leaders and authorities have visited us to speak and consult with the University of Colorado community on various topics of high importance and relevance to primary care, medical education, and healthcare as a whole. Archived content for these lectures can be accessed on the Department of Family Medicine website.

Academic Medicine Podcast Series​ - Episodes chronicle the stories of individuals as they experience the science and the art of medicine.


Major Repositories

HEAL (IAMSE’s digital library) is a digital repository that allows medical educators to discover, download, and re-use over 22,000 medical education resources.

MedEdPortal (digital library sponsored by AAMC) is a free peer-reviewed publication service and repository for medical and oral health teaching materials, assessment tools, and faculty development resources.

The National Medical Digital Repository permits Canadian medical teachers to contribute, collect, store, use, and share their teaching material, thus ultimately benefiting all teachers and learners.

Medical Education is an online medical education wiki that contains a variety of resources and allows you to contribute if you so desire.


Resources from other institutions:

The Direct Observation of Lecturing form​

One-page summaries​ of key theories informing medical education from UCSF. 

Michigan State University  Practical PowerPoint for Medical Educators: Designing Effective Slides According to Principles of Learning which contains videos, narrated slides, and exercises.
Ohio University Online Faculty Development Program has a variety of resources for teaching and education.

University of New Mexico School of Medicine has a variety of online resources including lots of additional links to other resources on the web for teaching and learning.

University of Hawaii hosts a website with a variety of teaching tips.

Preceptor Development from the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan.


Online handbooks:

Clinician Educator Handbook by Teri Turner, Debra Palazzi, and Mark Ward

Success Types In Medical Education: A Program for Improving Academic Performance Version 1.1 by John W. Pelley, Ph.D. with Bernell K. Dalley, Ph.D.

Guidebook for Clerkship Directors by the Alliance for Clinical Education


Journal venues for educational scholarship

Venues for Clinical and Education Scholarship by Carlos Estrada, MD, MS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Venues for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Scholarship: by Adolfo Pena, MD, Birmingham VA Medical Center, VA National Quality Scholars Program (, The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Medical Education Resources

The Academies Collaborative is a national forum for health professions teaching academies and similiar organizations.

The Academy of Medical Educators is a multiprofessional organization. It is the professional organization for all those involved in medical education - the education and training of students and practitioners in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science. 

Adult Learning Links

Principles of Adult Learning By Stephen Lieb 

30 Things We Know For Sure About Adult Learning By Ron and Susan Zemke

5 Principles for the Teacher of Adults By Deb Peterson

Case Based Learning in Your Classes by Margaret A. Waterman and Ethel D. Stanley

Journal of Medical Internet Research ppt file​

Teaching and Learning Blog​ from Dr. N. Lalani

One Minute Preceptor​ video demo from University of Alberta

CES4Health has online curricula, digital stories, policy reports, training videos, even an evidence-based healthy eating cookbook for those involved in community-engaged scholarship.  

Another resource is the Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit which helps community-engaged faculty to document their work for promotion and tenure. 

Teaching Digital Professionalism in Medicine

How to Teach Tomorrow's Doctors About Social Media Privacy, a blog post by Janet Tworek​, PhD