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Three Elements to Consider When Establishing a Great Learning Environment

Establishing a safe and effective learning climate is essential to any teaching interaction whether in the clinic, hospital, operating room or classroom. There are three elements to consider in establishing a great learning environment:

1. Make teaching and learning stimulating by:           

  • Showing enthusiasm for what you are doing
  • Using an animated voice and body language
  • Making the physical environment as comfortable as possible for learners
2. Get learners involved by:

  • Watching what they do
  • Listening to what they say
  • Encouraging participation in discussion
  • Avoiding monopolizing the discussion or allowing others to do so

3. Show respect and encourage safety by:

  • Using learner names
  • Inviting expression of opinions and being respectful of divergent views
  • Avoiding ridicule, intimidation or interruption
  • Admitting your own limitations and mistakes
  • Encouraging learners to openly discuss their own challenges, limitations and mistakes