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Teaching Tips

Lead More Effective Bedside Teaching Encounters Using “Mi-PLAN”

​Providing care and teaching at the patient's bedside has many potential patient care and educational benefits. Use the "Mi-PLAN" model to make bedside experiences with learners more effective, fun and straightforward.

M (before heading to the bedside)

  • Meeting: Before going to the patient's bedside, have a meeting between teacher and learners to get to know each other while establishing expectations and goals for the ensuing encounters.

i (at the bedside, during the patient presentation)

  • introduction: The team should introduce themselves to the patient and let the patient know the format for the encounter.
  • in the moment: Be a focused listener as the learner presents the patient.
  • interruptions: Should be avoided as much as possible during the learner's presentation.
  • inspection: Perform an inspection of relevant patient findings during the patient presentation. For example, as the learner is presenting the physical exam findings consider visualizing the patient's neck veins, inspecting and palpating the abdomen, or inspecting the extremities while simultaneously listening to the presentation.
  • independent thought: Allow and encourage learners to independently generate and describe their assessment of active problems.

PLAN (an algorithm for teaching after the patient presentation)

  • Patient-centered teaching: The first priority for teaching after the patient presentation should be centered on pertinent physical exam findings or active patient management issues.
  • Learner-identified teaching topics: Next, consider inviting learners to identify high-yield learning needs on which you can teach.
  • Attending's agenda: Then, if other teaching opportunities have not been identified as above, teach from your own agenda about important, related content.
  • Next steps: Finally, consider important next steps, such as outlining next learning steps, providing feedback, or moving on to the next patient where higher yield teaching opportunities may exist.

Download Videos of Mi-Plan in action