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Faculty and Resident Profiles

Matt Taylor, MD

Matt Taylor, MD
Matt Taylor, MD, PhD

Matt Taylor, MD, PhD wanted to connect with first-year medical students on an entirely new level—leading him to wonder, “Is there an app for that?”

Turns out, there wasn’t. So he helped create one.

With the help of the Academy of Medical Educators’ Rymer Small Grants Program​ and a team of students, Dr. Taylor set out to find a way to quiz “on-the-go” students using their smartphones and tablets while providing a way for faculty to connect with a new generation of students.

How the App Works

It took Dr. Taylor and his team nearly a year of designing and testing before rolling out the app to the School of Medicine’s first-year learners. Around noon each day, the app delivers a quiz covering what the student learned that morning in class. Questions can be multiple choice or Likert scale and can even use images and sounds.

Data Retrieval for Faculty

Faculty members can retrieve de-identified data from the app that can help them understand where their students are as it relates to learning objectives.


Dr. Taylor rolled out the app at the start of the fall semester. So far, feedback has been positive. Students downloaded the app within minutes of its announcement and currently nearly 40 students use the app.

Next Steps

Dr. Taylor and his team aim to update the app so it benefits more students. They hope to incorporate a team component and improve the app so that it revisits topics the individual learner found challenging.

The app is available through iPhone® and iPad®. All students can access the quizzes online.