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What are the policies and procedures for faculty salary increases and decreases?

The School of Medicine Base, Supplement and Incentive (BSI) Plan, which was initially approved by the Board of Regents in 1995, describes the salary components and salary adjustments for full-time faculty members (instructors and above who are at least 50% FTE) in the School of Medicine. Full-time faculty members in all three series (regular faculty, research professor and clinical practice) participate in the BSI Salary Plan. Regent Policy 11C governs the policies and procedures pertaining to salary adjustments.

The university permits salary adjustments for full-time faculty members once a year. Consideration of salary increases occurs in the spring, for salary changes that will take effect on July 1st. In recent years, the regents have granted an additional opportunity to adjust salaries, which occurs in the fall (for salary adjustments that will take effect on January 1st). January 1st salary adjustments are permitted only for schools and colleges that have adopted a BSI compensation plan. Outside of these two opportunities, full-time faculty salaries are generally not adjusted at any other time during the year.

Salaries for all faculty members must be approved by the regents. All salary recommendations are submitted to the regents through a process managed by the individual schools and colleges. A “salary pool” is provided for use during the process, and all adjustments are required to fall within that pool. Typically, individual faculty salaries are based on merit and cost-of-living factors and cannot increase more than a pre-determined “threshold,” unless the department and the School of Medicine provide written justification. For example, a large salary increase may be denied unless it can be justified based on a substantial change in the faculty member’s responsibilities, market demands or equity considerations.

Decreases in a faculty member’s salary are occasionally recommended, and these adjustments follow the same processes and timelines. According to BSI guidelines, a faculty member’s salary cannot be lowered more than 15% in a given year without approval by the dean and chancellor. Faculty salaries cannot generally be decreased below the pre-determined School of Medicine base salary.

Stipends for specific administrative duties (e.g., program director, assistant dean, department vice-chair) are handled separately; they can be processed at any time during the year and require development of a new letter of offer outlining the additional administrative responsibilities.​