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What is the Faculty Tuition Benefit?

The University of Colorado tuition benefit program provides a waiver of tuition for up to 9 credit hours per year. The 9 credit hours can be used against tuition on a space-available basis, and registration must take place on the first day of classes for the tuition to be waived.


The tuition benefit is available only to faculty members and other eligible staff members who are employed by the University of Colorado and who hold full-time (at least 0.5 FTE) appointments. The tuition credit may be used for most undergraduate or graduate credit-granting courses. The tuition credit may not be used for Continuing Education, Extended Studies, or the Executive or 11-Month MBA programs. 

Supervisor approval is not required to use the tuition benefit. Supervisor approval for class attendance during normal work hours is required (as for any absence), but class attendance does not have to be documented in HRMS or CU-SIS. 

Employees may use the 9 credit hours on any University of Colorado campus.

Tuition Waiver for Dependents

Employees may distribute some or all the tuition credits to eligible dependents. However, dependents may only use the credit hours on the campus where the employee works. Dependents of CU Denver employees can use the credits at either the Denver or Anschutz Medical Campus.


Faculty and staff members have pointed out repeatedly that the tuition benefit program still has too many restrictions and is not competitive with tuition benefits available at peer universities. For example, as noted above, faculty members and dependents can only use the tuition credit if they register on the first day of classes and only on a space-available basis. Also, undergraduate-level courses at CU Boulder are not available to dependents of Anschutz Medical Campus-based faculty members. The tuition benefit is even more limited for dependents of Boulder-based faculty. University of Colorado system officials, and various campus faculty and staff councils, are continuing to discuss options to strengthen the tuition benefit program. 

Learn more and view step-by-step application instructions.​