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FAQs about PRiSM: The New System for Faculty Performance Reviews in the School of Medicine

What is PRiSM?
PRiSM, or Performance Reviews in the School of Medicine, is a new, unified online system for faculty performance evaluations developed by the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Information Technology project team. PRiSM will be utilized for all university-based School of Medicine faculty members, beginning in January 2014. It replaces DOMINO, FIDO and the Family Medicine department’s version of DOMINO.
PRiSM is designed to help faculty document activities and accomplishments while updating information pertinent to the annual performance evaluation. PRiSM complements—but does not replace—the face-to-face performance review meetings between each faculty member and his or her division (or section) head or department chair or their designee. 
How do I access PRiSM?
You can access PRiSM via this link: This link will take you to the SOM Portal, where you will be able to click on a link to PRiSM to begin your performance review and view and upload prior-year evaluations. 
What is the review period for PRiSM?
The review period for faculty evaluations has changed from academic year to calendar year. Therefore, the review period that is beginning now will encompass activities and accomplishments that were completed during the 2013 calendar year (January 1 through December 31). This change was made to allow for a more consistent evaluation of work that has already been completed.
What is the deadline for annual faculty evaluations?
The deadline for completion of faculty evaluations is May 1, 2014. Faculty members must submit their performance reviews by this date. May 1 is also the deadline for division heads, department chairs and other supervisors to complete their reviews. (Note: Most departments will establish department-specific, earlier deadlines for submitting performance reviews in PRiSM.) 
Will I be able to access information from my previous reviews?
As in past years, information that was contained in the last year’s review can be been uploaded into your review this year. However, some of the data and free text fields have changed. Therefore, some information from your prior-year review may “map” to a different field or section of PRiSM. It will be easy to cut and paste information within the system.
How is my faculty appointment information updated in PRiSM?
Your faculty appointment information, including academic rank and other information, will now be updated automatically using information contained in the Faculty Information Management System (FIMS), which is a database maintained by the Office of Faculty Affairs. This will minimize data duplication and increase data integrity, while also alleviating the need for administrative staff to add or manage faculty data within PRiSM.
Will teaching evaluations be uploaded into PRiSM?
Medical student teaching evaluations from the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) will be automatically uploaded into your review in February 2014. You will also have the ability to upload additional teaching evaluations (for example, from residents or graduate students).
What other enhancements have been made to PRiSM?
PRiSM includes some additional features that should make your work easier. Formatting text using rich text features is included, so you can easily underline, add bullets or bold text. Sections in which you summarize your accomplishments in teaching, clinical work, research and scholarship and community service have been redesigned to match the language of the promotion matrix (making later dossier preparation easier). Near the end of the PRiSM document, you will have an opportunity to upload other documents, such as letters from peers, mentees or grateful patients. And you can now automatically upload your publications directly from Pub Med.
For more information regarding the enhancements that have been made to PRiSM, click here.
Will IT support be available?
Open information sessions will be held weekly to provide hands-on support during the performance review cycle. Sessions are scheduled every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in the Health Sciences Library Teaching Lab 1. Ongoing support will also be available by contacting