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How long should my teaching, scholarship, clinical and service narratives be?

​​​​Each candidate for promotion or tenure must provide a narrative summary of his or her accomplishments in teaching, research or scholarship and clinical practice or service. While there is no minimum or maximum length for your narratives, we suggest preparing succinct narratives (which may include full paragraphs or bulleted lists) of 2-5 pages for each area. Your narratives (along with your promotion matrix tables and other supporting documentation) should focus specifically on the scope of your activities, your accomplishments, successes and the impact and importance of your work. Each narrative should also demonstrate that you have met the School of Medicine’s criteria for promotion or tenure. Provide links to all supporting documentation (such as curricula, journal publications, policy papers or other relevant products of scholarship). For more information about preparing narratives and portfolios, please refer to Sections 6 (The Teacher’s Portfolio), 7 (Clinician’s Portfolio), 8 (Scholarship Portfolio), 9 (Investigator’s Portfolio) and 10 (Service and Advocacy Portfolios) in the Guide to Building a Dossier for Promotion and Tenure (July 2015).

Is there an overall page limit for my dossier?

Ideally, your dossier will not exceed 200 pages, excluding your CV, CV abstract and internal and external letters of reference. You should exceed this limit only if you feel that a more extensive dossier is necessary to ensure adequate consideration and evaluation of your accomplishments. You should not include reprints of original articles, course syllabi or presentations. Instead, you can include links to these documents. If you have questions about how to create links from PubMed for your documents, please contact the Health Sciences Library. Your dossier will include your narratives, promotion matrix tables, teaching evaluations and may also include letters of commendation and other relevant supporting documents.​ ​