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Seminar Series Schedules

​​Seminars are Mondays at noon in the RC1 South, 9th floor conference room.

Faculty meetings and chalk talks will begin at noon, 10th floor conference room.

  • Friday Research Report Schedule
  • Jack Sadler Memorial Lecture Series​ ​                                                                                                                                      A memorial lecture that honors Dr. John R. Sadler, Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from 1964-1983.

Month Date Speaker Topic Host Location
October 3 Jasper Rine, PhD, University of California - Berkeley "Looking for Good News in the Human Genome" Johnston
17 Adrian Krainer, PhD, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory  "Antisense-Based Modulation of Alternative Splicing as a Therapeutic Strategy" Zhao  L18-9105
November 7 Markus Muschen, PhD, University of California San Francisco and Children's Hospital Los Angeles "Oncogene Signaling and Negative Feedback in Leukemia" DeGregori L18-9105
  14 Karolin Luger, PhD, Colorado State University "Structural Transitions in Chromatin" Bentley L18-9105
December 5 Pravin, T.P. Kaumaya, PhD, Ohio State University  "Combination HER-2 Vaccine and VEGF Peptide Mimics in Breast and Ovarian Cancers" Hodges L18-9105
January  30 David Peabody, PhD, University of New Mexico  "Virus-like Particles as Platforms for Peptide Display" Sclafani  L18-9105
February 27 Scott Kennedy, PhD, University of Wisconsin  "Multi-generational Epigenetic Inheritance and Germline Immortality" Bentley
 March 5 Anne-Laure Perraud, PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison  "TRPM Ion Channels Fused to Enzymes: From Mg2+ to Oxidative Stress Sensing" DeGregori L18-9105
12 Dennis Winge, PhD, University of Utah "Biogenesis of Mitochondrial Cytochrome c Oxidase" Huang L18-9105
 April 2 Richard Johnson, CU Department of Medicine, Chief, Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension  "New Insights into the Mechanisms Driving Obesity and Insulin Resistance: Role of Fructose and Uric Acid" N/A L18-9105
  9 Eric Greene, PhD, Columbia University  "Single Molecule Imaging of Protein-DNA Interactions With DNA Curtains" Kieft L18-9105
16 Dong-Er Zhang PhD, University of Colorado San Diego  "RUNX1 and AMLI-ETO in Blood Cell Differentiation and Cancer" Liu L18-9105
May 7 Sue Jinks-Robertson, PhD, Duke University Medical Center "Transcription and Genome Instability in Yeast: the Top1 Connection" Hesselberth L18-9105
  21 Paul Chang, PhD, David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT  "PARP Function in RNA Metabolism and the Unfolded Protein Response" Roberto Perales L18-9105
Date Speaker Topic Host Location
September 2 Ken Jones, PhD
University of Georgia
Genomics and population genetics: RNAseq, SNPs, and microsatellites L18-10106
7 Andrej Luptak, PhD
University of California, Irvine
Self-cleaving ribozymes: Discovery and biological roles L18-9105
  13 Phil Anderson
University of Wisconsin
mRNA Surveillance by the C. elegans smg Genes Johnston L18-9105
  20 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
October 4 Lauren McIntyre 
University of Florida
  Johnston L18-9105
  11 Chalk Talk   Johnston L18-9105
12 Harry Noller Sadler Memorial Lecture Kieft/Seeds  Hensel Phelps Auditorium-West
  18 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
November 1 Chalk Talk   Huang L18-10106
2 Jessica Schultz
Thesis Defense
Characterization and Transcriptional Regulation of the Alpha7 Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Gene and Potential Roles in Schizophrenia RC1 North 8108
  15 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  17 Julia Cooper Telomeres and the challenges to chromosome integrity Sclafani Hensel Phelps Auditorium-East
22 Dan Rossbach/Elan Valiquett/Seth Welsh BMG Rotational Talks L18-9105
  23 Ruben Gonzalez Translation factor control of ribosome and tRNA dynamics during protein synthesis Kieft L18-9105
December 6 Chalk Talk   Seeds L18-10106
  13 Jay Storz
University of Nebraska
Mechanisms of hemoglobin adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia Hittinger L18-9105
  20 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
January 3 Chalk Talk   Liu L18-10106
  24 Faculty Meeting       
February 7 Chalk Talk   Sclafani  L18-10106
  28 BMG Rotaional Talks      
March 7 Chalk Talk   Pollock L18-10106
  21 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  28 Jeremy Thorner A protein kinase signaling network that regulates plasma membrane lipid homeostasis Sclafani  L18-9105
April 4 Chalk Talk   DeGregori L18-10106
  18 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  25 Dennis R. Voelker Enemy at the Gates and the Hydrophobic Defense:  The Surprising Role of Pulmonary Surfactant Phospholipids as Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Viral Agents. Johnston L18-9105
May 2 Chalk Talk   Davis L18-10106
  16 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  23 BMG Rotational Talks      
June 6 Nick Seeds L18-9105
27 Chalk Talk Kieft L18-10106
Date Speaker Topic Host Location
January 4        
  11 Richard Spritz
UC Denver
Human Medical Genetics
  Johnston **
  19 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  25 Rosalie Sears
Oregon Health & Science University
Molecular & Medical Genetics
“Phosphorylation sites on c-Myc regulate its oncogenic activity” DeGregori **
February 1        
  8 Nick Seeds Chalk Talk-BMG Faculty Only   L18-10106
  16 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  22 Hiten Madhani
Biochemistry and Biophysics
"Control of heterochromatic gene silencing by nucleosome positionining and identity:  lessons from three different yeasts" Bentley **
March 1 Changwei Liu Chalk Talk-BMG Faculty Only   L18-10106
  8 Carla Finkielstein
Virginia Tech
"Circadian Regulation of Cellular Homeostasis" Zhao **
  15 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  22 Dong-Er Zhang
Univ California San Diego
Cancer Center
"Ubiquitin Like Modifier ISG15 and its Deconjugating Enzyme UBPi43/USP18" Liu **
  29 Tim Formosa
University of Utah
Moecular Biology
"Making and Breaking Nucleosomes; What Are the FACTs?" Sclafani **
April 5        
  12 NO SEMINAR     **
  19 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  26 Tamim Shaikh, PhD
UC Denver
  Johnston **
May 3 Philip Kapranov, PhD
Principal Genomics Scientist
Helicos BioSciences Corporation
"The Multifaceted Human Transcriptome" Johnston Hensel Phelps East Lecture Hall
  10 Thomas Wilson
University of Michigan
"Genome resequencing for investigating induced alterations of the human and yeast genomes" Johnston **
  17 CANCELLED-Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  24 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
  24 James Hagman
UC Denver
"Regulation of chromatin structure and transcription in B cells" Degregori **
June 7 Takenori Takahata
Visiting Scholar
"Plant Flavonoids Affect the Response of Cancer Cells to Topoisomerase I inhibitors" Sclafani **
  21 CANCELLED Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
July 19 Faculty Meeting     L18-10106
​Date ​Description ​Presenter ​Title ​Host
​September 2 Not Available - Holiday
​9 Faculty Meeting
​16 ​​Seminar  ​David Pollock New understanding of the evolution of genes and genomes (and why it matters) ​Department
​23 ​Chalk Talk ​Dick Davis
​30 ​Seminar ​Sue Biggins (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) ​How do Cells get the Right Chromosomes? ​Paul Megee
​October 7 Seminar  Kevin Gardner (UT Southwest) ​ Structure and Dynamic Basis for Protein Regulation Students (Michael Holliday)​​
​14 Seminar​ ​Jeff Keift  Eleven years, four nucleotides, three department chairs, two campuses...and a long-term relationship with one amazing viral RNA​​
​21 Cancer Center Symposium
​28 Not Available​
​29 Sadler Lecture​
Hensel Phelps West
James Berger (University of California-Berkeley)​ How far does the rabbit hole go?  Plumbing the mechanistic depths of a DNA remodeling machine (and not hitting bottom) Bob Sclafani​​
​November 4 Seminar Dave Brow (University of Wisconsin Madison) snRNA dynamics during pre-mRNA splicing Rui Zhao​​
​11 Faculty Meeting​
​18 Chalk Talk
Mingxia Huang

25​ Cancelled
​December 2 Seminar - Available

​9 Chalk Talk Rui Zhao​​
​16 Seminar  Aaron N Johnson​ (UCD) Post-transcriptional regulation of myogenesis: an unexpected role for the RNA binding protein Hoi Polloi​ ​Aaron Johnson​​
​23 Not Available - Holiday​
​30 Not Available - Holiday​
​January 6 Seminar ​ Richard Harland (UC Berkeley)​ Frog Genomics​ David Bentley​​
​13 Faculty Meeting​ CANCELLED​
​20 Not Available - Holiday​
​Faculty Meeting
​February 3 Seminar  Sean Brady (Rockefeller)​ TBD​ Jeff Kieft​​
​10 Faculty Meeting​
​17 Not Available - Holiday​
​24 Chalk Talk​ David Bentley
​March 3 Seminar
​Anthony Latai (Harvard) Guiding Leukemia Therapy with BH3 Profinling James DeGregori​
​10 Faculty Meeting​
​17 Seminar  Ileana Cristea (Princeton)​ The functional interactome landscape of the human histone  deacetylase family ​Kirk Hansen​
​24 Chalk Talk​ Cancelled
​31 Seminar
​Robert Hollingsworth (MedImmune, Inc.) ​Killing the weed at the root: cancer stem cells​
​April 7 Seminar  Jason Gertz (University of Utah)​ Genomic features that influence cell type-specific estrogen receptor binding Mark Johnston​​
​14 Faculty Meeting​
​21 Seminar Kenji Murakami
Architecture of an RNA polymerase II transcription pre-initiation complex
Jeffrey Kieft
24 Seminar ​William Old ​Discovery of Novel Effectors in Oncogenic B-Raf Signaling ​Jeffrey Kieft
​28 Seminar ​Carsten Mim Reshaping Borders:  Structural Basis of Membrane Bending by Endophilin​ Jeffrey Kieft​
May 1​ ​Seminar ​Andrew Truman ​Dealing with Difficult Clients:  Modulating HSP 70 Function as a Novel Anit-Cancer Strategy Jeffrey Kieft​
5 Seminar
Robert Batey​ TBD​ Yumeng Hao​​
8​ ​Seminar ​Elizabeth Stroupe ​Couple Proton and Electron Transfer in the Metalloenzyme Sultfite Reductase ​Jeffrey Kieft
​12 Seminar​ Pui Kwok​ (University of California at San Francisco) Automated high-resolution genome mapping using single DNA molecules Jim Sikela​​
15​ ​Seminar ​Juan Fontana ​Structural Characterization of the intermediate steps of enveloped virus fusion
​Jeffrey Kieft
​19 Seminar  Christine Beattie (Ohio State University)​ Analysis of motoneuron development and function in a zebrafish model of the motonneuron disease SMA ​​Changwei Liu
​26 ​Not Available - Holiday
29​ ​Sadler Lecture ​David Haussler (University of California Santa Cruz)
Large-scale Cancer Genomics

Bob Sclafani​
​Date ​Description ​Presenter ​Title ​Host
​September 1 Not Available - Holiday
​8 Seminar
​Sabrina Spencer (University of Colorado Boulder)

Single cell dynamics of the proliferation-quiescence decision
James DeGregori
​15 ​​Faculty Meeting 
​23 Sadler Memorial Lecture 4 PM, Hensel Phelps West ​Venki Ramakrishnan (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology) ​The use of recent advances in electron microscopy to study the ribosome at high resolution Robert Sclafani​
​29 Chalk Talk
​October 6 Seminar  Iestyn Whitehouse (Memorial Sloan Ketterring Cancer Center) Replicating chromatin: a view from the lagging strand Aaron Johnson
​13 Faculty Meeting ​ 
​20 Chalk Talk

​27 Faculty Meeting

​November 3 Seminar Tim Kowalik (UMASS) Viral genomics and disease James DeGregori
​10 Faculty Meeting​
​17 Chalk Talk

24​ Seminar - Recruitment
​December 1 Seminar - Recruitment
​8 Seminar - Recruitment Karen Miga (University of California Santa Cruz) The Dark Side of the Genome: Sequence and Epigenomic Maps of Human Centromeric Regions​ Jay Hesselberth​
​15 Seminar - Recruitment Patrick Cahan (Boston Children's Hospital) Enhancing Stem Cell Engineering Through Network Biology ​Jay Hesselberth
17​ Seminar - Recruitment​ Susan Hafenstein​ (Penn State College of Medicine) ​Structural Studies of Virus-host Protein Interactions​ ​Jeff Kieft​
​22 Seminar - Recruitment
​29 Not Available - Holiday​
​January 5 Seminar - Recruitment Mike Strauss (Harvard Medical School) Resolution and Context: An expanding view of viral genome delivery and a detailed look at chromatin organization Jeff Kieft​​
​12 Seminar - Recruitment ​Amnon Koren (Harvard Medical School) ​DNA Replication Timing: An Epigenetic System Shaping Genetic Inheritance​ ​Jay Hesselberth
​19 Not Available - Holiday​
Seminar - Recruitment Huilin Li (Stony Brook University & Brookhaven National Laboratory) ​Cryo-EM Dissection of Molecular Events in Eukaryotic DNA Replication​ Jeff Kieft​​
​February 2 Seminar - Recruitment Andrea Wills (Stanford School of Medicine) Connecting development and regeneration at the chromatin landscape Jay Hesselberth
​9 Seminar - Recruitment Carol Anderson​ (University of California San Francisco) ​Sex and the single cell: deconstructing meiotic recombination on a whole-genome, cell-by-cell basis ​Jay Hesselberth​
​16 Not Available - Holiday​
​23 Seminar - Recruitment Hongjin Zheng (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) ​​Structural Studies of Biological Pores ​Jeff Kieft
​March 2 Faculty Meeting​
​9 ​Seminar-available
​16 Seminar  Marvin Wickens (Wisconsin) Protein-RNA regulatory networks: from structures and specificity to circuits and evolution​
​Jay Hesselberth​
​23 Seminar-available​
​30 Seminar  ​Robbin Brodbeck Supra-Physiological Pharmacology by mGlu4 Receptor Positive Allosteric Modulators ​Bob Sclafani​
​April 3 Seminar  Michael Hoffman (University of Toronto) Semi-automated genome annotation and an expanded epigenetic alphabet Jay Hesselberth
6​ Seminar Rhiju Das​ Towards RNA structure/function from scratch ​Jeff Kieft​
​13 ​Seminar​ Gina Clayton​ ​​Towards a structural understanding of MHC11 restricted CD8 T Cell Receptors in HIV controllers Mark Johnston​
​20 Seminar  ​Elliot Androphy (Indiana University)

The COPI vesicle: what it does in neurons and spinal muscular atrophy Changwei Liu
​27 Chalk Talk​-Aaron Johnson ​​
​May 4 Seminar

Andrew Thorburn Autophagy and the regulation of cell fate
Mark Johnston
​11 Chalk Talk​-James DeGregori​
​18 Seminar  Timothy Hallstrom
Cell fate control by integrated E2F, FOXO, and AKT signaling in retinoblastoma
James DeGregori
​25 ​Not Available - Holiday
June 1​ Chalk Talk​-Bob Hodges
22 ​Seminar​ ​Jim Broach (Penn State) ​Coping with Stress: What We've Learned from Yeast Mark Johnston​
​Date ​Description ​Presenter ​Title ​Host
​September 7 Labor Day
​21 ​​Faculty Meeting -CANCELLED
​28 Chalk Talk-Bob Sclafani
October ​12 Faculty Meeting-CANCELLED ​ 
​19 Chalk Talk​-David Pollock-CANCELLED

​26 Seminar Dean Burkin, University of Nevada​ The Matrix Reloaded: identifying Integrin and Laminin-based therapies for the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy​ Bob Sclafani​
​November 2 Seminar Sara Sawyer, CU Boulder HIV, Ebola, Engue: How animal viruses jump to humans Jay Hesselberth
​9 Faculty Meeting​
​16 Seminar
Susan Strome, UC Santa Cruz Transmitting an epigenetic memory of germline across generations and through development David Bentley
23 Chalk Talk​-Rui Zhao
​December 7 Chalk Talk​-David Bentley

​14 Seminar - Recruitment Franziska Bleichert, Johns Hopkins Molecular mechanisms for initiation DNA replication in eukaryotes Jeff Kieft
​16 ​Seminar - Recruitment ​Sarah Keane, University of Maryland ​Structure of the HIV-1 5' Leader ​Jeff Kieft
​21 Chalk Talk-Changwei Liu
​January 4 Seminar - Recruitment David Taylor, University of California Berkley Structures of CRISPR-Cas surveillance complexes ​​Jeff Kieft
​11 Seminar - Recruitment
​​ ​Francisco Asturias, The Scripps Research Institute Cryo-EM: An atomic resolution window into Mediator and transcription initiation​ ​Jeff Kieft
​18 Dr. Martin Luther King Day
Seminar - Recruitment
Rui Zhang, University of California, Berkeley Mechanistic Origin of Microtubule Dynamic Instability revealed by high-resolution cryo-EM​ Jeff Kieft​
​February 1 Seminar  Bill Merrick, Case Western Reserve Influence of translation initiation factors on start site selection Zane Jaafar
​8 Faculty Meeting
​15 Presidents' Day
​22 Seminar 
Tim Stasevich, Colorado State University
Aaron Johnson
29​ Seminar - Recruitment
Beat Vögeli​, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich ​Protein conformation and communication networks - new perspectives from NMR ​Jeff Kieft​
​March 7 Seminar ​Jake Jaffe Proteomic Connectivity Maps for Signaling and Epigenetics: Peeking under the hood of cellular responses to drugs and disease Sally Peach
​14 Faculty Meeting​
​21 Seminar  Chi Li, University of Louisville​ Inhibiting Tumor Growth by Inducing Apoptosis Independent of Bcl-2 Proteins ​​Rui Zhao
​28 Seminar ​
Matt Simon, Yale University Tracking distinct RNA populations with reversible covalent chemistry​​ ​Alexis Zukowski​
​April 4 Seminar  Tamir Gonen, HHMI, Janelia Research Campus MicroED: Three Dimensional Electron Crystallography Erik Hartwick
​11 Faculty Meeting​
​18 Seminar  ​Hartmut Geiger

Stem cell aging and rejuvenation James DeGregori
​25 Chalk Talk​-James Sikela ​​
​May 2 Seminar  ​​​Junmin Peng, PhD, Associate Member, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Proteomics of Ubiquitin Biology and Neurodegenerative Diseases Changwei Liu
​9 ​OPEN
​16 Seminar  Danesh Moazed, Harvard
Establishment and Epigenetic Inheritance of Silent Chromatin Domains
Alexis Zukowski
​23 Chalk Talk​-Hongjin Zheng
30​​ ​Memorial Day
June 6​ ​Seminar ​Angelo D'Alessandro ​From Hemorrhagic Shock and Blood Transfusion to climbing students, sickling cells and free range cows ​Mark Johnston
13​ Seminar ​RNA Bioscience Initiative

​​​Date ​Description ​Presenter ​Title ​Host
​September 5 Labor Day
​12 ​​Seminar Jingshi Shen, UC Boulder Genome-wide genetic screens uncover new regulatory components of vesicle trafficking ​James DeGregori
​19 Seminar
​Christine Dunham, Emory University ​Stress-induced translational control by bacterial toxins RNA Bioscience Initiative
26​ RBI Faculty Recruit ​Neel Mukherjee ​Investigating human RNA metabolism to gain mechanistic and phenotypic insights ​RNA Bioscience Initiative
October ​3 Seminar​

Karla Neugebauer, Yale University Co-transcriptional Splicing: Full Speed Ahead! ​RNA Bioscience Initiative
​10 Chalk Talk​
David Pollock​
​1​7 Seminar Erin Osborne Nishimura, Colorado State University Single-cell transcriptome profiling and single-molecule transcript visualization in the C. elegans early embryo RNA Bioscience Initiative
24​ RBI Faculty Recruit Olivia Rissland
The organization and regulation of mRNA-protein complexes
RNA Bioscience Initiative
31​ ​OPEN

November 3
RBI Faculty Recruit ​Scott Horowitz ​Adventures in chaperone structural biology RNA Bioscience Initiative
​ 7 Seminar ​ Jeff Coller, Case Western Reserve University Control of mRNA translation and degradation through the genetic code RNA Bioscience Initiative
​14 ​RBI Faculty Recruit
Adam Norris
Combinatorics of RNA binding proteins:  roles in neuronal diversity and organismal health​ RNA Bioscience Initiative​
​17 ​RBI Faculty Recruit ​Junjie Guo ​The landscape of RNA G-quadruplex folding in cells ​RNA Bioscience Initiative
​21 RBI Faculty Recruit

Dewi Harjanto Epitranscriptomics:  RNA editing and the generation of heterogeneity in populations
RNA Bioscience Initiative
28 ​Faculty Meeting
​December 5 ​Seminar
Chris Burge, MIT ​Protein-RNA Interactions in RNA Biology RNA Bioscience Initiative
​8 ​RBI Faculty Recruit
​Matthew Taliaferro ​RNA localization: Delivering the message ​RNA Bioscience Initiative
​13 ​RBI Faculty Recruit
Bruce Sullenger
Forward and Reverse Translation with RNA Therapeutics RNA Bioscience Initiative
​15 ​RBI Faculty Recruit ​Sujatha Jagannathan ​When to shoot the messenger (RNA):  Understanding the rules and exceptions governing mRNA surveillance
​RNA Bioscience Initiative
​16 ​Departmental Potluck​

​January 2 Seminar  ​​
​5 ​RBI Faculty Recruit
​Jeffrey Pleiss Global approaches toward understanding the biology and mechanims of pre-mRAN splicing​ RNA Bioscience Initiative​
​9 Rocky Mountain Yeast Meeting

​12 ​RBI Faculty Recruit Anastasios Vourekas​ Catching RNA-binding proteins in the act:  Piwi rebonucleoproteins and germline development​ RNA Bioscience Initiative​
​16 Dr. Martin Luther King Day
​17 ​RBI Faculty Recruit ​David Zappulia ​Telomerase: architecture of its RNA subunit, how it maintains telomere length, and senescence caused by its loss​ RNA Bioscience Initiative​
RBI Faculty Meeting
30 Chalk Talk
Jeff Kieft

February ​6 Chalk Talk
Jay Hesselberth​
​13 ​Sadler Lecture

Bonnie Bassler, Princeton University​ ​Bacterial Quorum Sensing and its Control​
​20 ​Presidents' Day

27​ Seminar

​March 6 Seminar ​Alexei Korennykh, Princeton University
Innate immune attack on cell's own RNA RNA Bioscience Initiative
​13 OPEN

​20 Seminar  Alexei Aravin, California Institute of Technology
Small RNAs fighting genome invaders: from bacteria to mammals

​​RNA Bioscience Initiative
​27 ​OPEN

​April 3 Seminar  Eric Phizicky, University of Rochester Medical Center tRNA biology: mechanisms of specificity and quality control Patrick Cherry
​10 Chalk Talk James DeGregori​
​17 Seminar  Zhong-Yin Zhang, Purdue University​

Drugging the Undruggable: Therapeutic Potential of Targeting Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases Rui Zhao
​24 Chalk Talk
​​Aaron Johnson
​May 1 Open ​​

​8 Seminar
​​​Joshua Rabinowitz, Princeton University
​Metabolism Revisited ​Travis Nemkov
​15 Seminar  Peter Sarnow, Stanford University
Virus-host interactions in hepatitis C virus-infected cells
Zoe O'Donoghue
​22 OPEN

2​9​​ ​Memorial Day
June 5 ​ ​Faculty Meeting
​Dov Borovsky ​Mark Johnston
Seminar ​Simon Olssen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Freie University Berlin ​Beat Vogeli

​​​​​Date ​Description ​Presenter ​​ ​Host​​
   September  4 Labor Day
   September 11​ ​​OPEN
​   September 18
Chalk Talk
​Aaron Johnson
   September 25 ​Seminar Oliver Eickelberg Mark Johnston
   October 2 Chalk Talk

David Bentley
​   October 9 OPEN

​   October 1​6 Seminar
Tai Montgomery, Colorado State RBI, Dick Davis
   October 23 ​Seminar Steve Projan, MedImmune LLC
Bob Sclafani
​   October 30 ​OPEN

​ November 6    Seminar Anita Hopper, Ohio State University RBI, Jay Hesselberth
​ November 13   

​Chalk Talk

Francisco Asturias
​ November 20    Seminar

Tom Tuschl, Rockefeller University

RBI, Neel Mukherjee
 November 27    ​OPEN
December 4    ​Seminar
Tao Pan, University of Chicago RBI, David Bentley
​ December 11    ​OPEN

​ December 18    ​Seminar
Chris Lima, HHMI
David Port Pharmacology Seminar RBI​
 December 25    ​Christmas
​ January
​ January 1    ​New Years
 January 8   
​Rocky Mountain Yeast Meeting

Bob Sclafani
​ ​January 15    Dr. Martin Luther King Day
​ January 22   
​Seminar Rob Spitale, University of California, Irvine RBI, Olivia Rissland
 January 29    Seminar
Jorge DiPaolo, Dept Pediatrics, UCD AMC
MOLB Program​
Feburary 5    ​Seminar
Wendy Macklin, Dept CDB, UCD AMC
​MOLB Program
​ February 12    Chalk Talk
Jeffrey Kieft
​ February 19    ​Presidents' Day

​ February 23    ​Seminar Maire Olson, University of Massachusetts​ RBI, Jay ​Hesselberth   
  February 26    ​Seminar

​Julia Zeitlinger, Stowers Institute for ​Medical Research Ryan Sheridan
March 5    Seminar Steven Haase, Duke University​ Bob Sclafani
 March ​12    ​Faculty Meeting

​ March 19    Seminar  David Levens, NCI Chief, Gene Regulation Section
Srinivas Ramachandran
 March ​26    ​OPEN

 April 2    Seminar 
Stavroula Mili, NCI Lab of Cellular & Molecular Biology RBI, Matthew Taliaferro
 April 9    ​Seminar
Kelley Harris, University of Washington ​Alex Liggett​
​ April 16    Seminar  Tom Cooper, Baylor University RBI, Sujatha Jagannathan
​ April 23    Seminar
Susan Ackerman, UC San Diego ​Laura White​
 April 30    Seminar
Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, University of Colorado AMC

RBI, David Bentley
​ May 7    Seminar
Robert Hodges Retirement

HP West 4PM​
​ May 14    ​OPEN


​ May 21    Seminar
Andriy Marusyk, Moffitt Cancer Center​ James DeGregori
May 2​3    Seminar ​Marc Hammarlund, Yale 
University School of Medicine
​Jay Hesselberth
May 28  ​ ​Memorial Day
4 June ​ Chalk Talk​ ​Hongjin Zheng
June 11​ ​Chalk Talk ​Angelo D'Alessandro
June 18​ ​Sadler Lecture ​Robert Sclafani ​HP West 4PM

​​​​​Date ​Description ​Presenter ​​ ​Host​​
   September  3 Labor Day
   September 10​ ​​​Seminar

​   September 17
Maggie Lam, University of Colorado Denver Mark Johnston
   September 24 Chalk Talk
Sujatha Jagannathan Jeffrey Kieft/Mark Johnston
   October 1 Seminar
Alisa Wolberg, University of North Carolina Kirk Hansen
​   October 8 OPEN
​   October 1​5
​Faculty Meeting

   October 22 ​Seminar Joanna Masel, University of Arizona
David Pollock
​   October 29 Seminar
​Joan Conaway, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
RBI, Francisco Asturias
​  November 12   

​Chalk Talk

Srinivas Ramachandran Jeffrey Kieft/Mark Johnston
​ November 19    Seminar

Tracy Johnson, University of California Los Angeles
RBI, Suja Jagannathan
December 3    ​Seminar
Carolyn Phillips, University of Southern California RBI, Dick Davis
  December 7    ​Retirement Seminar​ ​Mark Johnston ​Robert Sclafani
December 10    ​Seminar
Yongna Xing, University of Wisconsin Madison Rui Zhao
​ December 17    Chalk Talk David Pollock
Jeffrey Kieft/Mark Johnston
 December 24    ​Christmas Eve
​ January
January 7   

​ ​January 14    Seminar
Ben Kleaveland RBI, ​Olivia Rissland
​ January 21   
Dr. Martin Luther King Day​

 January 28    Seminar
Dan Jarosz, Stanford University James DeGregori & Alex Liggett
Feburary 4    Seminar
Katie Pollard, University of California San Francisco Neel Mukherjee & Kristen Wade
​ February 11    ​Seminar

Laura Banaszynski, University of Texas Southwestern Srinivas Ramachandran
​ February 18    ​Presidents' Day
  February 25    ​Seminar

​Christine Mayr, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center RBI, Matt Taliaferro
March 4    Seminar Michael Summers, University of Maryland Baltimore County Jeff Kieft & Anna-Lena Steckelberg
 March ​11    ​Faculty Meeting
​ March 18    Seminar  Santhosh Girirajan, Pennsylvania State University
Jim Sikela
 March ​25    ​Chalk Talk​
Matthew Taliaferro BMG Chair
 April 1    Sadler Memorial Lecture 
Elena Conti, Max Plank Institute of Biochemistry Olivia Rissland
 April 8   
Seminar Aaron Hoskins, University of Wisconsin - Madison
RBI, David Bentley
​ April 15    Chalk Talk
Beat Vogeli BMG Chair
​ April 22    ​Seminar
Eric Westhof, Univeristy of Strasbourg
Jeff Kieft & Quentin Vicens
 April 29    Seminar
Kristopher Brannan, University of California San Diego
RBI, David Bentley
​ May 6    Seminar
Andrew Adey​, Oregon Health & Science University​

RBI, Jay Hesselberth
​ May 13    ​Chalk Talk

Neelanjan Mukherjee
BMG Chair
​ May 20    Seminar
David Sabatini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Angelo D'Alessandro
 May 2​7    ​Memorial Day
     June 3    ​Seminar ​​Jin Kuk Kim, Harvard University ​Olivia Rissland

​​​​​Date ​Description ​Presenter ​​ ​Host​​
   September  2 Labor Day
   September 9 ​Faculty Meeting

​   September 16
Melissa Wilson David Pollock
   September 23 Chalk Talk
Elan Eisenmesser BMG Chair
​   September 30 ​Seminar ​Maofu Liao ​Hongjin Zheng
   October 7 Seminar
​   October 14 Columbus Day
​   October 21
Chalk Talk

Richard Davis BMG Chair
   October 28 ​Seminar
Carol Post, Purdue University
Elan Eisenmesser & Allie Born
November 4   

​Salder Memorial Lecture

Sandy Schmid
Francisco Asturias
​November 11   
Veterans Day

November 18    ​Seminar ​Nausica Arnoult, University of Colorado Boulder ​Dick Davis & Jianbin Wang
December 2   

December 9    Seminar​ ​Gabe Zentner, Indiana University ​RBI, David Bentley
December 16    Chalk Talk
Olivia Rissland BMG Chair
​ December 23    Holiday

 December 30    Holiday
​ January
​ ​January 13    Seminar
Stacy Horner RBI, Jeffrey Kieft & Maddie Sherlock
​ January 20   
Dr. Martin Luther King Day​

   January 21    Seminar​ ​Monkol Lek, Yale University ​Sujatha Jagannathan
 January 27    Chalk Talk Kirk Hansen BMG Chair
Feburary 3    Seminar
Heidi Cook-Andersen RBI, Neel Mukherjee & Kim Wellman
​ February 10   
Neil Kubica RBI, Olivia Rissland
​ February 17    ​​Presidents' Day​

  February 24   
Chalk Talk
​Rui Zhao BMG Chair
March 2    Seminar Alex Pollen Jim Sikela
 March ​9    Seminar - CANCELLED ​​ Hashim Al-Hashimi, Duke University ​RBI, Beat Vögeli​
​ March 16    Chalk Talk  Jay Hesselberth
BMG Chair
 March ​23    OPEN

 March ​30   
 April 6    ​Faculty Meeting 

 April 13   
Seminar - CANCELLED Harmit Malik
Srinivas Ramachandran
​ April 20    Chalk Talk
James DeGregori BMG Chair
​ April 27    ​Seminar - CANCELLED
Manny Ares, University of California Santa Cruz
RBI, Rui Zhao
​ May 4    ​Chalk Talk

Aaron Johnson
BMG Chair
​ May 11   
Angela DePace, Harvard University
RBI, Olivia Rissland
May 18    Seminar - CANCELLED
Geeta Narlikar Aaron Johnson
 May 2​5    ​Memorial Day


2020-21 Seminar Calendar Coming Soon!