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Pathology Fellowship Programs

​Current Positions and Openings



​Program Program Director​ Open Positions 2020-2021 Open Postitions 2021-2022 Application Due Date (next open position)
Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine Mary P. Berg, MD ​0 ​2 ​Accepting Applications
Cytopathology Ann D. Thor, MD 0 ​1 ​Accepting Applications
- Contact Program Coordinator
Dermatopathology Joshua Wisell, MD​
​0 ​0 ​Not Currently Accepting Applications
Forensic Pathology Meredith A. Frank, MD​ ​0 0 Accepting Applications for 2022-2023
- Contact Program Director
Hematopathology Xiayuan Liang, MD ​0 1 Accepting Applications - Contact Program Director
Surgical Pathology​ Joshua Wisell, MD​
​0 ​1

​Accepting Applications

- Contact Program Director

Pediatric Pathology Jennifer O. Black, MD​ 0 0 Accepting Applications - Contact Program Director​
Molecular Genetic Pathology Mark D. Ewalt, MD​ ​0 ​0 ​Accepting Applications -Contact Program Director
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Current Fellows

Louise Helander M.B, B.S. 


Transfusion Medicine

Andrea Ho, MD

Kaleigh Lindholm, MD

Nolan Maloney, MD

Pediatric Pathology

Ian Puffenberger, MD
Forensic Pathology

Nicole Therrien, MD
Surgical Pathology

Nick Willard, DO

Molecular Genetic Pathology