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Chad M. Vanderbilt, MD

2017 Graduate


 – BS, Biochemistry; University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska (2008)

 – MD; Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Phlidelphia, Pennsylvania (2012)


Selected Publications:







Zhu X, Huffman, J, Gerber R, Lou L, Xie Y, Lin T, Jorgenson J, Maresch A, Vogeler (Vanderbilt) C, Wang Q, Shen Y, and Du L. Biosynthesis and genetic engineering of polyketides. Acta Botanica Yunnanica. 2008 Jan; 30(03): 249-78.

Zhu X, Vogeler (Vanderbilt) C, Du L. Functional complementation of fumonisin synthesis in FUM1-disrupted Fusarium verticillioides by the AAL-toxin polyketide synthase gene ALT1 from Alternaria alternata f. sp. Lycopersic. Journal of Natural Products. 2008 Jun; 71(6): 957-60.





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