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Residents And Fellows

2019-2020 Current Residents


Fourth Year  




       Jenna Bod​mer, MD​                           Silvia Crapo, MD                             Sarah Donnell, MD​

          Chief Resident​



          Lucy Jager, MD​                         Sterling McLaren, MD                    Olumide Odeyemi, MD​

                                                             Chief Resident



Third Year




​​ Second Year


First Year
      Brandi Davis, MD                      Beth Doughty, MD, PhD                Elena Gandara, MD

         Ellie Hong, MD                        Susan Potterveld, DO                      Mark Zivney, MD

                                                                  2019 Graduating Class

Ashley Greer, MD​
Colleen Klein, MD
Chief Resident​
Sammie Roberts, MD​
Theodore Schultheiss, MD
Nick Willard, DO​
Chief Resident



                                                        2018 Graduating Class


    Jamie E. Kallan, MD                     Kaleigh E. Lindholm, MD                Nerissa A. Morre, MD

  Lindsey Westbrook, MD


                                                      2017 Graduating Class


John J. Evans, MD​

Patrick R. Mann, MD​

Luke J. Plumier, MD​

Megan E. Quinn, MD​

Abby M. Richmond, MD

Chad M. Vanderbilt, MD

David P. Wang, MD

Adam C. Wilberger, MD​​




2019-2020 Fellows

  Louise Helander M.B, B.S.                  Andrea Ho, MD                         Kaleigh Lindholm, MD
       Bloodbanking/                                  Cytopathology                               Hematopathology
    Transfusion Medicine
      Nolan Maloney, MD                      Ian Puffenberger, MD                    Nicole Therrien, MD
        Pediatric Pathology                          Forensic Pathology                          Surgical Pathology

      Nick Willard, DO
 Molecular Genetic Pathology