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John J. Evans, MD

2017 Graduate


 – BS, Biotechnology; University of Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska (2006)

 – MD; University of Nebraska College of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska (2012)


Research Interests:​


Cellular and Molecular Biology


Selected Publications:








Harrison-Findik D, Klein E, Crist C, Evans J, Timchenko N, Gollan J. Iron-mediated regulation of liver hepcidin expression in rats and mice is abolished by alcohol. Hepatology. 2007 Dec: 46(6): 1979-1985.

Harrison-Findik D, Klein E, Evans J, and Gollan J. Regulation of liver hepcidin expression by alcohol in vivo does not involve Kupffer cell activation or TNF-alpha signaling. American Journal of Physiology; Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology. 2009 Jan; 296(1): G112-118.

Osna N, White R, Krutik V, Evans J, Weinman S, Donohue T. Hepatitis C virus core protein activates proteasome function by induction of oxidative stress in liver cells. Hepatology. 2006 Oct; 44(4; Suppl. 1): 1061.





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