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Kenneth A. Iczkowski, MD

Associate Professor


  • BA, Biology, Columbia College of Columbia University New York, NY (1986)

  • Post-Sophomore Fellowship, Pathology, St. Louis University Medical Center (1989-1990)

  • MD, St. Louis University School of Medicine (1992)


Postdoctoral Education:

  • Resident in Pathology, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (1992-1995)

  • Fellow in Genitourinary Pathology, Mayo Clinic (1997-1998)

  • Fellow in Anatomic Pathology, University of Kansas Medical Center (1995-1996)


Faculty Positions:

  • Assistant Professor, Pathology, University of Florida College of Medicine (2000-2006)

  • Staff Pathologist, Veterans Administration Medical Center (2000-2006)

  • Staff Pathologist, The Reading Hospital and Medical Center (1998-2000)

Research Activities:

  • Cell Adhesion Molecule CD44: Marker and Target for Gene Therapy in Prostate Cancer.

  • Alternate Splicing of CD44 Messenger RNA in Prostate Cancer Growth

  • Role of p37 protein in Prostate Cancer

  • MIF in the Human Prostate: Cancer Biomarker Validation and Cell Biology

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Our main research interest is the role of cell adhesion molecules and their stromal interactions in prostate cancer development. Specifically, we are interested CD44 and in how alternate splicing of its pre-mRNA leads to expression of an isoform that alters cancer phonotype toward faster growth and invasiveness. Therapeutic intervention may be possible, using vectors that alter the balance of CD44 splicing back to the benign phenotype.

Several extramural collaborative ventures pertaining to prostate cancer are underway. The role of calcitonin as an autocrine/paracrine factor, whose expression may interact with and regulate CD44, is being examined. Other efforts are aimed at the role of matrix metalloprotease 26 and TIMP-4 in prostate cancer tissue and in serum of prostate cancer patients. Finally, we have studied the roles of a cytokine, macrophage migration inhibitory factor and its receptor CD74, and a growth factor, NAG-1/PDF (prostate –derived factor).

Diagnostic interests include issues in prostate needle biopsy; effects of androgen deprivation on prostate histology; and new immunostains for testicular tumors.



 Journal Articles in Pub Med (


Office Location:

UCD-School of Medicine/UCH, Anschutz Medical Campus

12800 East 19th Avenue

Building P18 - Research Complex I

Room  5114

Aurora, Colorado 80010



Phone: (303) 724-0155 or (303) 724-3783

Pager:  (303) 266-2547

Fax:     (303) 724-3712

Mailing Address:

Kenneth A. Iczkowski / Pathology

Mail Stop 8104

UCD-School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus

12801 E. 17th Ave.

Aurora, CO 80045