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Postdoctoral Fellowship

April 15, 2015
Dear Training Grant Faculty
The NIH has awarded our, 2 T32 AR007411-31A1 Training in Immunodermatology” We are now accepting applications for trainees.
This grant provides funds (stipends) for two graduate student and four postdoctoral fellows this award year. All trainees will be required to focus directly on cutaneous biology and skin diseases, combined with a focus on regenerative medicine and stem cell biology related research for their projects. To apply for a training slot, the applicants will submit written proposals to be evaluated by the Program Study Section and selected by the Recruitment Committee. Both pre- and postdoctoral trainees will be required to apply for additional extramural funding (e.g., individual K-award) during their first year of support.
Postdoctoral trainees must have earned a PhD or MD.  Pre-doctoral trainees must finish required courses and pass the preliminary (qualifying) exam in their graduate program, typically in their second year before they are eligible for a slot. Applicants are required to submit transcripts of their education to date and three letters of recommendation. To apply for the training slots, all applicants are required to write a research project proposal, including NIH biosketches for themselves and their mentor. The 3-page proposal will consist of Rationale, Specific Aims, Approaches, Innovation, Significance, and a brief plan for extramural funding application.  Proposals will be reviewed and ranked based on NIH training grant criteria, i.e., project merit, quality of trainee and mentor. Page limit does not include biosketches and bibliography
Applicants must be US citizens or have a green card.  We strongly encourage minority candidates to apply.  Please have candidates send applications, biosketches of trainee and mentor, and three recommendation letters to Julie Clarke as pdf documents ( no later than June 30, 2015, 5pm.  If you are submitting an application, email Julie so we can plan appropriately for reviewers
Dennis Roop, PhD
Director, Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine
David Norris, MD
Chair of the Department of Dermatology