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In addition to treating patients with bleeding and clotting disorders in our comprehensive care clinic, the dedicated physicians, pharmacists and research staff of the HTC constantly pursue groundbreaking new treatments for these rare disorders.


Laboratory Research

Our on-site laboratory is responsible for the storage and analysis of thousands of blood samples, serving the HTC clinic as well as national studies that are on the cutting edge of detecting, defining and evaluating bleeding and clotting disorders. Dr. Marilyn Manco-Johnson and Dr. Jorge DiPaola manage lab studies, Linda Jacobson and a staff of full time and student researchers. To learn more about the HTC Laboratory, click HERE.


Clinical Research

In addition to lab research, the HTC coordinates several clinical studies that evaluate the effectiveness of improved drugs on clotting in people with bleeding disorders, seeking to improve patient care, long and short-term joint health, Factor VIII inhibitor immune tolerance therapies and patient healthcare costs in association with access to necessary treatments. The team also studies the effects and outcomes of childhood stroke, collects information about risk factors for thrombosis, features of blood clots, treatment and prevention of blood clots and patient long-term outcomes. Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, our Director of Clinical Research, manages all aspects of all these studies and coordinates study participation. To learn more about Clinical Research, click HERE.