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Clinical Research

New Factor Treatments, Global Assays and Clinical Best Practices

The clinical research team is involved in numerous ongoing studies to develop new factor treatments, diagnostic tests and methods for clinical best practices here at the HTC. As a COMIRB-authorized organization, the HTC clinical research team performs consented blood draws at our in-house facility, providing samples for a wide array of ongoing national and international studies.

Each study performed by our clinical research team is driven by one of two main forces: pharmaceutical drug trials and grant-funded/investigator-driven studies.  Studies driven by pharmaceutical research are based on long-term clinical trials of new factor treatments for patients with bleeding and clotting disorders. Grant-funded/investigator-driven research is based on observational studies, collecting clinical data to improve pediatric best practices, developing diagnostic assays for bleeding and clotting disorders, analyzing costs and quality-of-life issues for families with chronic disease and improving the standard of care for our patients.

An example of a major clinical study performed at the HTC is the Joint Outcome Study (JOS), in which the HTC was instrumental in demonstrating that prophylactic factor treatments could prevent the crippling joint disease that previously impaired patients with bleeding disorders at a young age.


To learn more about ongoing clinical trials or if you have questions about our research you can call our Clinical Research Line at 303-724-0306 to speak directly with our staff. Our highly trained Clinical Researchers will do our best to provide the most updated information to you. 

You are also welcome to contact the HTC Clinical Research team via email at or at You can click HERE for more information on our ongoing studies.