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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (HSMP 6609)

markov_tree.PNGFor those registered in the class, all materials will be available on Canvas. This class is an introduction to economic evaluations of health care interventions or technology. Economic evaluation compares the cost and consequences of interventions. We'll cover different forms of economic evaluations --cost analysis, cost effectiveness, cost utility, and cost benefit-- as well as different methods such as decision analysis, Markov models, and different ways of conducting sensitivity analyses. We will review economics concepts that are necessary to understand the foundation of economic evaluations. 


Syllabus [HSMP6609CEA_Spring2020_syllabus.pdfHSMP6609CEA_Spring2020_syllabus.pdf]

1. Overview of Economic Evaluations [lecture_1_overview.pdflecture_1_overview.pdf]

2. Assessment of studies [lecture_2_assessment.pdflecture_2_assessment.pdf]

3. Cost and cost analysis (part I) [lecture_3_Costs.pdflecture_3_Costs.pdf]

4. Cost and cost analysis (part II) [lecture_4_CostsII.pdflecture_4_CostsII.pdf]

5. Cost savings studies [lecture_5_cost studies.pdflecture_5_cost studies.pdf]

6. Adding outcomes (cost effectiveness)[lecture_6_CEA.pdflecture_6_CEA.pdf]

7. Preferences (cost utility, part I) [lecture_7_CUA_I.pdflecture_7_CUA_I.pdf]

8. Preferences (cost utility, part II) [lecture_8_CUA_II.pdflecture_8_CUA_II.pdf]

9. Decision analysis and Markov models (part I) [lecture_9_Trees.pdflecture_9_Trees.pdf]

10. Decision analysis and Markov models (part II) [lecture_10_Markov.pdflecture_10_Markov.pdf]

11. Decision analysis and Markov models (part III) [lecture_11_Extensions.pdflecture_11_Extensions.pdf]

12. Modeling Infectious Diseases (coronavirus aka COVID-19 version, SIR and SEIR models) [lecture_12__inf_ model.pdflecture_12__inf_ model.pdf][sir model.xlsxsir model.xlsx]

13. Uncertainty [lecture_13_Uncertainty.pdflecture_13_Uncertainty.pdf][Recording a macro.mp4Recording a macro.mp4][Tornado diagram.mp4Tornado diagram.mp4]

14. Value of life, cost benefit,  and Policy   [lecture_14_policy.pdflecture_14_policy.pdf]

Note: Some graphs and quotations are from Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health: A Practical Approach, and/or Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation

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