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Marcelo Coca Perraillon

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See class notes for HSR methods I

Selected publications

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Bradley, C.J., Eguchi, M., Perraillon, M.C., "Factors Associated with Utilization of High Cost Agents for the Treatment of Metastic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer," Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), forthcoming.

Perraillon, M.C., Lindrooth, R., Welton J.M .,"Difference-in-Difference Designs," Nursing Economics, forthcoming.

*Lind, K.E., Hildreth K, Perraillon, M.C. "Persistent Disparities in Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit Utilization," Medical Care, forthcoming.

Perraillon, M.C., Welton J.M, Jenkins, P. "Estimating Patient Level Direct Hours and Costs of Nursing Care in a Pediatric Inpatient Setting" Nursing Economics, forthcoming.

Perraillon, M.C., Welton J.M, Jenkins, P. "Measuring Nursing Care Value, Big Data, and the Challenges of Estimating Causal Effects," Nursing Economics, 37(4):213–215, July-August 2019.

Sharma, H., Perraillon, M. C., Werner, R. M., Grabowski, D. C., & Konetzka, R. T. (2019). Medicaid and Nursing Home Choice: Why Do Duals End Up in Low-Quality Facilities? Journal of Applied Gerontology.

*Lind, K.E., Hildreth K, Lindrooth R.C., Morrato E, Crane L.A., and Perraillon M.C., "The Impact of Medicare Part D on Ethnoracial Disparities in Anti-Dementia Medication Utilization," Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS),2019. 

Perraillon MC, Konetzka RT, He D, Werner RM, "Consumer Response to Composite Ratings of Nursing Home Quality," American Journal of Health Economics, December 2017. [Link]

Lindrooth R, Perraillon MC, Hardy R, Tung GJ, "Understanding The Relationship Between Medicaid Expansion and Hospital Closures," Health Affairs, January 2018. [Link]

Perraillon MC, Brauner D, Konetzka RT, "Nursing Homes Response to Nursing Home Compare: The Provider Perspective," Medical Care Research and Review: MCRR, August 2017. [Link]

Brandt, Myerson, Perraillon, Polonsky. "Hospital Admissions for Myocardial Infarction and Stroke before and after the Trans Fatty Acid Restriction Bans in New York", April 27th. JAMA Cardiology. [Link]

Perraillon MC, Ya-Chen Tina Shih, Ronald A. Thisted. "Predicting the EQ-5D Preference Index from the SF-12 Health Survey: A finite Mixture Approach," Medical Decision Making, October 2015 vol. 35 no. 7 888-901. [Article (free)][Stata Software]

Matching using SAS

match_image.fw.pngIf you're looking for more information about my SAS code for propensity score matching, go to the propensity score page. William Thomas, from the University of Minnesota, wrote a SAS macro that simplifies matching using my code (see the propensity score page). For a list of papers that cited the code, go here. There are a lot of alternatives if you prefer to use Stata or R. Here is a list of software to do matching. Stata 13/14 added a bunch of treatment effect tools that include commands for matching. If you're learning about matching, see my slides and Stata code here.

Read more about the code and propensity scores...


statashot.PNGGo to the Code page for Stata examples on maximum likelihood estimation, propensity scores, and finite mixture models. You can download Stata's Zero Inflated Censored Normal(s) (ZICEN) from here or directly from Stata by typing "ssc install zicen."

More on code...

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