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Latin American Publication Initiative for Scholars (LAPIS)

CU Anschutz Student Group Write for Global Audience

Students from CU AMC Write Health Science Articles for National Magazine in Guatemala

In 2013, students from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus formed an editorial board to research, write, and edit health sciences articles for a lay audience in Guatemala. To date, the group has published over fifty articles in Contrapoder Magazine under the leadership of Edwin Asturias, MD, Director of Latin American Projects at the Center for Global Health, and Associate Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Epidemiololgy at the Colorado School of Public Health.

Covering topics ranging from Type 1 Diabetes to the facts about acne, the LAPIS group thoughtfully summarizes complicated health conditions for a non-scientific audience. Members of the editorial board sometimes develop article topics, but more often, they are received from the Contrapoder  editorial committee as well as from readers.

More recently, LAPIS teamed up with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to share their articles with bilingual audiences here in Colorado. Nicole Garneau, PhD, Curator and Department Chair of the Genetics of Taste Lab, posts LAPIS' articles on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science webpage in both Spanish and English. Click here and look under "Recent Updates" to check out our stories!

Want to learn more about LAPIS? This CU Newsroom story explains how the collaboration began, and why students care about sharing their medical knowledge with distant audiences. This Global Health Link story offers further insight from students!


“Our writers get the opportunity to develop their writing skills, especially with regards to communicating medical information to the general public. It takes a certain level of writing proficiency to be able to gather medical information from various sources then reduce the comprehensive information to a level that can be understood by the general public." - Merlin Ariefdojhan, PhD, MPH, LAPIS Board Member



 LAPIS Articles 2013-2017


 2013 Articles

English Title Spanish Title Author
Is it True that Mother Knows Best? Es Cierto que "La Madre Sabe Mas"? John Soltys
Mindful Eating May be the Key to Losing Weight Hay Alguna Nueva para Perder Peso? Merlin Ariefdjohan
Is the New Asian Flu another Influenza Scare? Es la Nueva Gripe China otro Susto de Influenza? Kristina Burrack
A Floss a Day Keeps the Doctor Away  Los Peligros de no Cepillarse los Dientes  Merlin Ariefdjohan
Why Breastfeed? Por que es Importante Amamantar? Veronica Searles Quick
Sugar: Not Such a Sweet Deal  La Fructuosa Aumenta la Obesidad Molly Terhune 
Dengue: What You Didn't Know  Dengue: Lo que Usted No Sabia  Toni Schwarz
From Childhood Malnutrition to Obesity De la Desnutricion Infantil a la Obesidad Veronica Searles Quick

 2014 Articles

English Title Spanish Title Author
Adolescent Marijuana Use and the Brain La Marihuana y el Cerebro de los Adolescentes Veronica Searles Quick
Adult Marijuana Use and "Brain Damage" Marihuana Dano Cerebral en el Adulto  John Soltys
The Straight Talk on Hair Keratin Treatment: is it Harmful to Health? Queratina: Tan Popular Como Peligrosa  Merlin Ariefdjohan
Is Surgery a Quick Fix for Obesity? Cirugia Gastrica para Bajar de Peso Toni Schwarz
Origin of Type 1 Diabetes and Research Toward a Cure En Busca de la Cura para la Diabetes Tipo 1  Adam Burrack and Kristina Burrack 
Type 1 Diabetes is a Manageable Chronic Disease Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 1: Una Enfermedad Cronica Manejable Adam Burrack and Kristina Burrack 
Laser Eye Surgery for Better Vision - Is It Safe? Es Segura la Cirugia Laser Ocular?  Molly Terhune 
Robin Williams and the Stigma of Depression  Robin Williams y el Estigma de la Depresion  John Soltys
An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away  Una Manzana al Dia, Del Medico te Alejaria  Katie Arnolds 
A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss…When You Have Mononucleosis Un Beso no es Solo un Beso, Cuando se Tiene Mononucleosis Merlin Ariefdjohan
Chikungunya: is it the Next Dengue Virus? Chikungunya: el Proximo Dengue? Kristina Burrack and Thomas Morrison

 2015 Articles

English Title Spanish Title Author
50 Shades of Gray Hair: How Does it Happen? 50 Tonos de Cabello Gris  Merlin Ariefdjohan
Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health? El Café es Bueno o Malo para la Salud? Molly Terhune 
Mobile Phone Applications: Prescription for Health or Harmful Medicine? Aplicaciones para Móviles: ¿Receta para Salud o Medicina Dañina?  Gretchen Domek
Why Did that Meal Taste So Good? ¿Por qué me supo tan bien esa comida? Katie Arnolds 
Sweat and Prevent the Flu!  Sude y Prevenga la Gripe!  Saskia Bunge-Montes
Anabolic Steroid Use: is the Gain Worth the Loss? Esteroides Anabolicos: Valen la Pena? Kelsey Repine
The Discomfort of Vaginal Infection La molestia de la infección vaginal Katie Arnolds 
The Perils of a Long Commute Los Peligros de un Viaje Largo  Gretchen Domek
The Alcoholized Brain El Cerebro Alcoholizado  Veronica Searles Quick
How Can I Prevent and Combat Insomnia? ¿Como se Puede Prevenir y Combatir el Insomnio? John Soltys 
The Balancing Act of Hydration  Cuidado con la Sobrehidracion  Saskia Bunge-Montes
Health and Anger: Healthy Outlets are Key Salud y Enojo Veronica Searles Quick
Bromelaine, the Secret Weapon of Pineapple La Bromelina, el Arma Secreta de la Pina Molly Terhune 
Thyroid Disease at a Glance  Enfermedad de la tiroides en un vistazo John Soltys
Are Tight Clothes Putting a Squeeze on Your Health? Padece del Sindrome del Pantalon Apretado? Merlin Ariefdjohan
Antibacterial Soap: Good or Bad? Jabon Antibacterial: Bueno o Malo? Katie Arnolds 
Why Do We Get Nose Congestion? ¿Por qué tenemos congestión nasal? Lyndsay Krisher 
New Year, New You: Long Distance Running  Ano Nuevo, Ahora Me Muevo Kelsey Repine

 2016 Articles

English Title Spanish Title Author
Nature's Medicine Cabinet El Botiquin de la Naturaleza Molly Terhune 
Artificial Tan Activates Addictive Brain Pathways El Bronceado Artificial Activa las Vías Adictivas del Cerebro David Kelly 
Be Kind to Your Skin When You Have Fun in the Sun Bajo el Sol, Pero con Proteccion Merlin Ariefdjohan
Children and Screentime  Los Ninos y las Pantallas Saskia Bunge-Montes
Zika Virus: Obscure Pathogen Emerges with New Adaptations Zika: un Patogeno Oscuro Emerge con Nuevas Adaptaciones  Molly Terhune 
Binge Drinking Among Youth  Beber Hasta Caer Lyndsay Krisher 
Gluten Free Diets - To Wheat or Not to Wheat? Las Dietas Sin Gluten: Mitos y Verdades Kelsey Repine
Blood Donation, What's it About? Donacion de Sangre, de que se Trata? Veronica Searles Quick
3D Printing: Customization for the Unique Human Body La Impresion 3D: en Beneficio del Cuerpo Humano Kelsey Repine
More Outdoors, More Exercise  Más aire libre, más ejercicio Katie Arnolds 
The Dark Side of Blue Light: How Electronics Affect Our Sleep La Luz Azul que Afecta Nuestro Sueno Christy Beitzel
The Healing Power of Yoga El Poder Curativo del Yoga Molly Terhune 
Why Breast is Best Por que el Pecho es Mejor Roberto Delgado Zapata 
Take Care of Your Intestines  Cuide sus Intestinos  Jennifer Jones 
Unraveling Autism Spectrum Disorder El Trastorno del Espectro Autista Descifrando Katie Arnolds 

 2017 Articles

English Title Spanish Title Author
Popping the Myths about Acne Si Tiene un Barrito, No Lo Destripe  Kelsey Repine
Goodbye Tobacco! Now What? Adios Tabaco! Ahora Que? Roberto Delgado Zapata 
Sitting Disease: it's Not Just about Working Out  La Enfermedad de Estar Sentado Nicole Garneau
Schizophrenia: Manifestations of Human Madness Esquizofrenia: Manifestaciones de Locura Humana Veronica Searles Quick

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