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​Foodborne Outbreak Challenge

Background ​

The Foodborne Outbreak Challenge (FOC) is a one-day event for students designed by the Colorado Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence at the Colorado School of Public Health. Learn more about the FOC in our article published in the Journal of Food Science Education.

This Instructor's Guide is designed to serve as a comprehensive step-by-step guide for course organizers and instructors. This page contains all the required materials for this course. For additional information about hosting this event, please contact us​

The learning objectivs for the Foodborne Outbreak Challenge are as follows:
1. Apply the steps in a foodborne outbreak investigation;
2. Develop potential food safety interventions from farm to fork; and 
3. Recognize the roles of different disciplines in food safety.


Past Foodborne Outbreak Challenges 

Read about the April 2016 Foodborne Outbreak Challenge at the Colorado School of Public Health
A student responds to a "media request", one of the Investigation activities 

Students hard at work solving the outbreak!

Grading headquarters

Winners of the 2016 Foodborne Outbreak Challenge

Colorado School of Public Health

13001 E. 17th Place​
Mail Stop B119
Aurora, CO 80045


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