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Jenn Leiferman, PhD 

Associate Professor & Director, Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center

Dr. Leiferman has spent the last 20 years working in the area of mental health. Her research focuses on developing and testing prevention and treatment strategies for perinatal mental health. Recently her work has also focused on improving access to care for perinatal mood disorders. She is also the director of the Population Mental Health & Wellbeing program at ColoradoSPH and director of the DrPH program in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health.

Research Interests:

  • Prevention of Intergenerational Transmission of Adverse Child Experiences
  • Mental Health + Substance Use - Systems + Policy
  • Parental Mental Health, Parenting Practices and Child Outcomes
  • Patient-Provider Communication
Courses Taught:
  • CBHS 6611: Foundations of Health Behavior
  • PMHW 6621: Mental Health: Wellbeing Promotion
Current Grants:
      • AHRQ R03HS26015-01A1 (PI: Leiferman) | 9/2018-8/2019​ | Utilizing online technology to improve provider-patient communication on prenatal mood disorders. Role: PI
      • ​NCAAM R34 (PI: Huberty) | 9/2019-08/2019 | Yoga Online: Inter-conception care to prevent PTSD symptoms after stillbirth. Role: Co-I 
      • ​American Cancer Society (PI: Litt) | 12/2016 – 11/2019​ | ​​Community Activation for Prevention: A Randomized Controlled Trial​.  Role: Subcontract PI
Research Publications
  • ​Huberty, J., Matthews, J*. Leiferman, JA., Hermer, J., Cacciatore, J. When a baby dies: A systematic review of experimental interventions for women after stillbirth. Reproductive Sciences. 2017: 24(7): 967-975.
  • ​​ ​Huberty, J., Matthews, J*. Leiferman, JA., Hermer, J., Cacciatore, J. When a baby dies: A systematic review of experimental interventions for women after stillbirth. Reproductive Sciences. 2017: 24(7): 967-975.
  •  Huberty, J., Leiferman, JA., Kruper, A., Jacobson, L., Waring, M., Wischenka, D., Matthews, J., Kornfield, S, Brown, B., & Brown, S. Exploring the need for interventions to manage weight and stress during inter-conception. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 2017: 40(1): 145-158. 
  • Huberty, J., Matthews, J*, Leiferman, J., Cacciatore, J., Gold, K. A study protocol of a three-group randomized feasibility trial of an online yoga intervention for mothers after stillbirth (The Mindful Health Study). Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2017: 4(1): 12. 
  • Huberty, J., Matthews, J.*, Leiferman, J., Cacciatore, J. Experiences of women who participated in a beta-test for an online-streamed yoga intervention. International Journal of Yoga Therapy, 2017: 27(1), 59-68. 
  • Mogo E*, Litt J, Leiferman JA, McManus B, Risendal B, & Lookman O. An audit of urban neighborhoods in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa 2017; 19(1).
  • Matthews, J*., Huberty, J., Leiferman, J., McClain, D., & Larkey, L. Perceptions, uses of, and interests in complimentary health care approaches in depressed pregnant women: The PAW survey. Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine. 2017: 22(1), 81-95. (IF: 1.395). 
  • Huberty J, Matthews J*, Leiferman, J, Lee C. Use of complementary approaches in pregnant women with a history of miscarriage. (2018). Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 36, 1-5.
  • Matthews J*, Huberty J, Leiferman J, Buman M. Psychosocial predictors of gestational weight gain and the role of mindfulness. (2018). Midwifery, 56, 86-93.
  • Mogo E*, Litt J, Leiferman JA, McManus B, Risendal B, & Lookman O. Exploring government and civil society workers’ perceptions of urban health as a governance priority in the Lagos metropolis Cities and Health 2018: 171-184.
  • Litt, JS, Alaimo, K, Buchenau, M, Villalobos, A, Glueck, DH, Crume, T, Fahnestock, L, Hamman, RF, Hebert, JR, Hurley, TG, Leiferman, JA, Li, K, Rationale and Design for the Community Activation for Prevention Study (CAPs): A Randomized Controlled Trial of Community Gardening. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2018; 68:72-78.
  • Mogo E*, Leiferman JA, Litt JA, McManus B, Risendal B, & Lookman O. What is the place of urban health and community resilience in Lagos State’s development agenda? African Journal of Governance and Development (in press)
  • Huberty J, Matthews J*, Cacciatore J, Buman M. & Leiferman JA. Relationship between mindfulness and posttraumatic stress in women who experienced stillbirth. JOGNN (in press)
  • Leiferman JA, Farewell C*, Ulrickson C*, Undis G*, Huberty J, Lee-Winn A. Identification and Management of Maternal Depression: Differences across health care disciplines. J of Interprofessional Care (under review)
  • Matthews J*, Huberty J, Leiferman JA, Larkey L. Stressors and behavioral coping strategies of pregnant women with varying perceived stress scores: A descriptive study. Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health. (Under review).
  • Gance-Cleveland B, Nodine P, Leiferman JA, Aldrich H, Anderson J, Nacht A, Martin J, and Carrington, A. StartSmartTM: mHealth for screening and education during pregnancy. J Midwifery and Women’s Health (revise resubmit).
  • Leiferman JA, Farewell C*, Lee-Winn AE, Ulrickson C*, Huberty J, Paulson JF. Management of Perinatal Depression: Effectiveness of an Online Training Module across Health Care Disciplines. (under review).
  • Leiferman JA, Jewell JS*, Lee-Winn AE, Huberty J Paulson JF. A Survey of Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Interconception Period. (in prep – submit Feb 2019)
  • Lohmiller K*, Harpin S, Bishop, James K, Leiferman JA. The S.I.T.E. Framework: Taking Steps Towards Equitable Access to Education. The justification, development and implementation of a novel approach for sustainably integrating trauma-informed approaches in schools. (in prep – submit Feb 2019).
  •  Bergling E*, Puma J, Leiferman JA. Self-reported and clinically diagnosed depression in rural Colorado: Findgins from the San Luis Valley Community Health Survey
  • Texas A&M University, BS, Psychology, 1993
  • University of North Texas, MS, Kinesiology, 1995
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2001, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Population Studies/Epidemiology

Colorado School of Public Health

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