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Imaging Analysis Working Group

The Imaging Analysis Working Group is a group of students, faculty, and staff interested in methodologies pertaining to medical imaging. We are based out of the University of Colorado at the Anschutz Medical Campus, with collaboration from Johns Hopkins University. Our meetings consist of a presentation followed by a discussion. The presentation can be anything related to medical imaging including personal research or a journal club. We also encourage work-in-progress talks. 

If you are interested in joining or presenting to our group, please contact Sarah Ryan at

Meets: Fridays, 11am-12pm
Location: ColoradoSPH Dean's Conference Room, AMC Bldg 500, Third Floor, Room W3166 (unless noted). Our meetings are also streamed online; for the link and access code, contact


Upcoming Presentations


2018-2019 Presentations

3/8/19 - Dr. Michael Regner - School of Medicine - "Addiction is a Brain Disease"

11/30/18 - Alexandria Jensen, MS and Sarah Ryan, MS – Biostatistics and Informatics - "Statisticians’ Perspective on FSL Software"

7/20/18 - Sarah Ryan, MS – Biostatistics and Informatics - "Pre-Processing of Lung CTs in R Software"​

2/15/18 - Dr. Michael Regner - School of Medicine - "Inhibiting the Insula in Smokers: Preliminary Results using rTMS and fMRI"

2016-2017 Presentations

11/30/17 - Julio Carballido-Gamio - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Sex Differences in the Spatial Distribution of Bone Loss in the Proximal Femur: a Computational Anatomy QCT Study"

10/19/17 - Fuyong Xing - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Learning to Quantify and Understand Biomedical Images"

6/15/17 - Pam Russell, MA - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Can tumor genomic profiles be predicted from clinical images?"

5/18/17 - Brian Vestal, PhD Candidate - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Generating Novel Emphysema Biomarkers from Lung CT Scans."

4/20/17 - Alexandria Jensen, MS Candidate - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Resistance Perturbation Distance Kernel Regression for Prediction of Biological Phenotypes in fMRI."

3/16/17 - Superceded by faculty candidate talk.

2/16/17 - Allison Shapiro, MPH, PhD - Lifecourse Epidemiology of Adiposity and Diabetes (LEAD) Center - "Leveraging fMRI to Study Brain Metabolic Consequences of Fetal Programming."

1/19/17 - Geena Kim, PhD - Regis University, College of Computer and Information Sciences - Deep Neural Nets in Brain Tumor Segmentation.

12/15/16 - Korey Wylie, MD - Department of Psychiatry, Tregellas Neuroimaging Laboratory - "False-positive results in fMRI: The persistent problem of correcting for multiple comparisons." (Paper)

11/17/16 - Sarah Ryan, MS Candidate - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Working with 3-D Slicer for image visualization"

8/18/16 - Manish Dalwani, PhD Candidate - "Independent Component Analysis and its Application in fMRI"

2015-2016 Presentations

5/19/16 - Brian Vestal, PhD Candidate in Biostatistics - "Characterization of Radiologically Based Emphysema Using a Spatial Point Process Framework"

4/21/16 - Natalie Serkova, PhD, Department of Anesthesiology - "Quantitative Imaging Endpoints to Assess Anti-Cancer Treatment Response"

3/17/16 - Sean Deoni, MD - "Interrogating White Matter Structure: an overview of the following methods and their weaknesses: Relaxometry Magnetic Transfer Diffusion Tensor"

2/18/16 - Stephen Humphries, PhD - Imaging Lab at National Jewish Health - "Computed tomography (CT) imaging acquisition focused on imaging of the lung"

1/21/16 - Doug Shepherd, PhD - Department of Physics and Bioengineering - "New light-sheet microscopy"

12/17/15 - Maria Deluzman - Continue presenting "fMRI data and signals of interest in eating disorders"

11/19/15 - Korey Wiley, PhD - Department of Psychiatry. "fMRI data" (Lindquist M. (2008) Statistical Analysis of fMRI data.  Statistical Science.  23(4): 439-464.) (Paper)

10/15/15 - Kick-off meeting.  A dozen biostatistics and imaging researchers met and reviewed different data sources for the first 6 months and different analysis methods the next 6 months.

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