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About our Faculty

Biostatistics & Informatics

Faculty in the Colorado School of Public Health Department of Biostatistics and Informatics have a strong tradition of providing statistical consulting and services to meet the educational and research needs of public health and medical students and faculty.

​Department Chair
Research Areas
Debashis Ghosh, PhDDebashis Ghosh, PhDChair - BIOS Department, Professor
​Core Faculty
Research Areas
Anna Baron, PhDAnna Baron, PhDProfessor
Statistical methods for translational research, cancer prevention and control
Jessica Bondy, MSHAJessica Bondy, MSHAAssociate Professor-Clinical
Public health informatics, distributed data sharing networks, translational research, informatics research, data management systems, and cancer informatics
Nichole Carlson, PhDNichole Carlson, PhDProfessor,  Associate Chair of Research, Director of CIDA
Models of driver-response and feedback/forward associations in biologic data, Bayesian models of pulsatile hormone data, point process models applied to biologic data, and hormone data and Alzheimer's disease research
Kathryn Colborn, PhDKathryn Colborn, PhDAssistant Professor
Statistical methods for spatially and temporally correlated data, machine learning, global infectious diseases, and vector-borne diseases
Diane Fairclough, DrPh, MSPHDiane Fairclough, DrPh, MSPHProfessor
Quality of life, missing data, and longitudinal studies
Debashis Ghosh, PhDDebashis Ghosh, PhDChair - BIOS Department, Professor
Gary Grunwald, PhDGary Grunwald, PhDProfessor
Most of my statistical methods research has been with correlated non-normal data, with early work in time series and more recently in longitudinal and clustered data. I have worked collaboratively in nutrition and physiology, and more recently in cardiology with an excellent group of investigators and statisticians at the Denver VA.
Elizabeth Juarez-Colunga, PhDAssistant Professor
Recurrent event data, zero-heavy models, functional data analysis, and statistical methods for repeated outcomes
Alex Kaizer, PhDAlex Kaizer, PhDAssistant Professor
Adaptive clinical trial designs, methods to incorporate supplemental/historic information, biomarker validation and evaluation, Bayesian hierarchical modeling
Katerina Kechris, PhDKaterina Kechris, PhDProfessor
Development and application of statistical methods for analyzing high throughput omics data.
John Kittelson, PhDJohn Kittelson, PhDProfessor
Design of clinical trials, survival analysis, longitudinal data, Bayesian methods in clinical trials, group sequential trial design, and methods for monitoring clinical trials
Sam MaWhinney, ScDProfessor
Varying-coefficient methods for analyzing longitudinal data, HIV/AIDS research, and process, structures and outcomes in cardiac research
Sarah Schmiege, PhDSarah Schmiege, PhDAssociate Professor-Research
Statistical consulting, structural equation modeling, longitudinal and multilevel data analysis, and health psychology
Brandie Wagner, PhDBrandie Wagner, PhDAssociate Research Professor
Joint models, permutation theory, microbiota data analysis, and biomarker development
Fuyong Xing, PhDFuyong Xing, PhDAssistant Professor
Biomedical image computing and machine learning
Fan Yang, PhDFan Yang, PhDAssistant Professor
My primary research interests lie in causal inference including the analysis of observational studies, the analysis of randomized studies complicated by various issues such as truncation, and mediation analysis. I develop statistical methodologies that are motivated by real life problems, especially in relation to public health, medicine, public policy, and social science.
​Secondary Faculty
Research Areas
Tellen Bennett, PhDAssociate Professor, Pediatrics
John Brinton, PhDJohn Brinton, PhDAssistant Research Professor, Pediatrics
Power and sample size, screening trial design, statistical consulting, longitudinal data analysis
Kristen Campbell, MSKristen Campbell, MSResearch Instructor
Survival analysis, joint modeling, Bayesian methods
Miranda DallySenior Professional Research Assistant
L. Miriam Dickinson, PhDL. Miriam Dickinson, PhDProfessor
Cluster randomized trials, covariate constrained randomization, multilevel modeling, practice-based research
Tasha Fingerlin, PhDTasha Fingerlin, PhDAssociate Professor
Jeri Forster, PhDJeri Forster, PhDAdjunct Assistant Professor
Varying coefficient models, non-ignorable dropout, and longitudinal data analysis
Dexiang Gao, PhDAssociate Professor
Clinical trials, study design, mixed effect models with non-Gaussian outcomes, and high throughput genomic data analyses
Jane Gralla, PhDJane Gralla, PhDAssociate Professor
Pediatric and adult solid organ transplantation, survival analysis
Audrey Hendricks, PhDAudrey Hendricks, PhDAssistant Professor
As a statistical geneticist and biostatistician, I am interested in the application and development of methods to better understand the complex nature of health and disease. My research mostly includes work with high-dimensional sequencing and 'omics data.
Larry Hunter, PhDLarry Hunter, PhDProfessor
Computational biology, drug development, and genomics. Active in open source software, open access for scientific publications and training scientists in the responsible conduct of research.
Ethan LangeProfessor, Medicine
Susan Moore, PhDAssistant Director of Research Operations, Denver Health; Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Informatics, CSPH; Assistant Professor of Medicine, SOM
Consumer health informatics, medical informatics, clinical decision support, public health informatics, mobile health technology and implementation science
Camille Moore, PhDCamille Moore, PhDAssistant Professor
Statistical methods for missing data; longitudinal and correlated data; statistical methods for gene expression data; Bayesian hierarchical models.
Zhaoxing Pan, MB, PhDAssistant Research Professor
Longitudinal and survival data in clinical settings
Laura Pyle, PhDLaura Pyle, PhDAssociate Research Professor
Longitudinal data, clinical trials, joint models, diabetes, obesity, metabolism and physiology
Assistant Professor, MedicineAssistant Professor
Laura Saba, PhDLaura Saba, PhDAssistant Professor
Stephanie Santorico, PhDProfessor and Director of Statistical Programs
Methods and designs in statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology including high-dimensional data, multivariate statistical inference, genetic risk prediction and disease sub-typing, variance components methods, multivariate linkage, family-based association tests, and meta-analysis
Stefan Sillau, PhDResearch Instructor
Matthew Strand, PhDMatthew Strand, PhDProfessor
Analysis correlated data
Suhong Tong, MSSuhong Tong, MSResearch Senior Instructor
Pediatric cardiology, community based weight management for disadvantaged children using longitudinal data analysis methods to identify the factors that predict the clinical outcomes over time. Population based survey research with complex survey design. Recently I developed new interest in statistical analysis methods for metabolomics data.
Kathleen Torkko, PhDKathleen Torkko, PhDAssociate Professor
Inflammation and benign prostatic hyperplasia progression, and vitamin D and prostate cancer
Laura Wiley, PhDLaura Wiley, PhDAssistant Professor, Medicine
Dr. Wiley seeks to harness the power of electronic medical records (EMRs) for precision medicine. From phenomics to pharmacogenomics, her primary goal is to help improve patient care by using and applying data, big and small alike.
Stanley (Xuesheng) Xu, PhDAssistant Professor
Longitudinal data analysis, observational studies, statistical methodology for vaccine safety studies, cardiac outcome research, mental health
Zhiying You, MD, PhDZhiying You, MD, PhDAssistant Research Professor, Medicine
Design, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials and epidemiologic studies; application of statistical principles and methods in health-related research; development of new statistical techniques; special interest in cluster randomized trials, longitudinal data analysis, and causal inference
​Research Faculty​
Research Areas
Diana Abbott, PhDDiana Abbott, PhDResearch Associate
Linkage analysis, genetic data, GWAS, clinical trial design and analysis, hematology collaboration, survival analysis
Amanda Allshouse, MSAmanda Allshouse, MSResearch Senior Instructor
General consulting and statistical analysis, questionnaire development and analysis of complex survey data, survival data and QTWiST analysis, and clinical trials (HIV/AIDS, cancer)
Megan Branda, MSSenior Research Instructor
Evan Carey, MSSenior Professional Research Assistant
Linda Carlin, PhDLinda Carlin, PhDSenior Professional Research Assistant
William Feser, MSSenior Professional Research Assistant/Data Manager and Analyst
The development or novel use of biomarkers related to lung cancer. This includes biomarkers in biological samples as well as those derived from CT images.
Andrew HammesAndrew Hammes, MSResearch Instructor
My research interests include reproducible research with R, git, and markdown; large data analysis including large survey data and genomics data; and spline models for complex missing not at random data.
William Henderson, PhD, MPHProfessor
Multicenter clinical trials, outcomes research (surgery)
Paula LangnerSenior Professional Research Assistant
Caroline Ledbetter, MPHCaroline Ledbetter, MPHSenior Professional Research Assistant
Large data sets, complex surveys designs, and reproducible research
Bryan McNairBryan McNair, MSResearch Instructor
Survival analysis and stochastic processes, generalized linear mixed models, statistical teaching and communication.
Susan Mikulich-Gilbertson, PhDProfessor
Longitudinal data analysis - linear and nonlinear mixed models
Mary Morrow, MSResearch Instructor
HIV research
John Rice, PhDJohn Rice, PhDAssistant Research Professor
Missing/coarsened outcomes, longitudinal data analysis, recurrent events, and semiparametric regression methods for binary and semicontinuous outcomes data.
Brandy Ringham, PhDResearch Instructor
Harry Smith, MPHHarry Smith, MPHSenior Professional Research Assistant
I mainly work with "-omics" data including micro-array, RNA-Seq, and metabolites. I am also interested in Gene Network Analysis and its related methods development.
Bruno SobralProfessor
Lauren Vanderlinden, MSLauren Vanderlinden, MSResearch Instructor
Kayla Williamson, MSKayla Williamson, MSResearch Instructor
Statistical analysis in the context of "-omics" data specifically microbiomics
Gary Zerbe, PhDGary Zerbe, PhDProfessor-Clinical
Applications of dose response and time response curve methodology, multivariate linear and nonlinear mixed models, and randomization and other nonparametric procedures
Weiming Zhang, PhDAssistant Research Professor
​Administrative Staff
Research Areas
Amanda Miller, MLISAmanda Miller, MLISREDCap Assistant Administrator
Data and information management

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