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David Liban, MFA

College of Arts & Media/Film

Fulbright FLAD Chair

Porto, Portugal



Teaching Media Production in Porto, Portugal

Talent and timing worked well for David Liban, assistant professor of film/video, when he received the Fulbright FLAD Chair in Television Production. Liban was able to spend three months teaching at Catholic University in Porto, Portugal, at a time when the Catholic University's Sound and Image Department was still developing its production curriculum. Liban was able to make valuable contributions and provide insights into curriculum development based on his years in media production education. His stay also enabled him to teach the first graduating class.

According to Liban, it was fascinating to see the cultural differences between the Portuguese students and their American counterparts. American students are sharply focused on landing a job. Fewer media jobs currently exist in Portugal, but Liban has hopes for growth in this area.

“The students are in school to learn, experiment and exercise their creative impulses rather than focusing on finding a job. I found this very inspiring.”

- David Liban, MFA


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