Nelia Viveiros

Interim Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion

Nelia Viveiros

Nelia Viveiros is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Operations, serving as the Interim Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion. A first-generation, Latinx leader whose career in higher education has spanned over 20 years, Viveiros oversees a range of matters relating to recruitment and retention, strategy and policy development, compliance, research, data collection and analysis, plan development and implementation, project management and issue resolution, and advocacy on behalf of staff and faculty.

Viveiros collaborates with senior leadership for strategic planning purposes in order to support and further university mission, vision, and goals. Her excellent ability to handle multiple objectives, stressful situations, and large scale projects has made her a much-valued thought leader in the CU community. Additionally, Viveiros leads a diverse and capable staff that strives to increase functionality for business units across multiple campuses.

Viveiros holds a legal degree from the University of London and a doctoral degree from the University of Colorado Denver, where she also serves on the faculty of the School of Education and Human Development. She studies leadership and organizational design and has written on organizational responses to crisis and trauma. She is a Presidential Honors Scholar, a 2016 University of Colorado Excellence in Leadership Fellow, and a 2020 recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Award.

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