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Rosa Parks Diversity Recognition Awards

Center for Identity & Inclusion

Sparking the modern civil rights movement in the United States by refusing to give up her bus seat, Rosa Parks' arrest for breaking Montgomery segregation laws started a boycott of the city bus line that lasted 381 days. This eventually led to the 1956 Supreme Court ruling declaring segregation illegal on public buses.  All recipients will be honored at the Rosa Parks Diversity Luncheon.

In honor of Rosa Parks' legacy as a champion for Civil Rights, the CU Denver’s Center for Identity & Inclusion is pleased to congratulate the recipients, The Collective, John Reily, Jr. M.D., BoramJeong, PhD and State Representative Adrienne BenavidezPresented annually, this award recognizes a faculty, staff, student, and community member/organization who helped accomplish the university’s strategic priority to enhance diversity university-wide and foster a culture of inclusion on campus and/or within the surrounding community.  We will present one award in each category of faculty, staff, student, and community member/organization at the awards luncheon. 

Previous Award Recipients​​​


 2020 Recipients


 Student Recipient- The Collective

We would like to pay honor and respect to all of the Indigenous Peoples, Nations, and Beings who have been cared for, and in turn, cared for the land that is now illegally occupied by the state of Colorado, and the city of Denver. There are over 45 Indigenous Nations who maintained a reciprocal relationship with this land including but not limited to, the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Ute, Kiowa, Comanche, Apache, Dine’, Lakota, Shoshone, Zuni, Hopi, and Paiute. Without the vision and perseverance of our ancestors, Mother Earth, and all those who came before, our present and future would be lost. May we continue to uphold and live the values and principles given to us by our ancestors and homelands, and may we defend them by any means necessary. 

The Collective continues to foster a community of all-marginalized students with shared experiences of racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression on campus. We have been engaged in anti-racist work to create a world that may hold us all.

While we are deeply appreciative, we hope this recognition serves as a reminder that true diversity means celebrating marginalized students who are critical and unapologetic in their aspirations for a more equitable academic environment. This is the true embodiment of Rosa Parks’ revolutionary work.

None of this work would have been possible without the unwavering support of our mentors and communities, for which we are deeply grateful.​

First Row (left to right): 

Alexandra Bachman

Yoselyn Roman-Rodriguez

Brayan Flamenco-Rodriguez

Second Row (left to right): 

Feven Berhanu 

(Not Pictured) Cynthia Rice

(Not Pictured) Emmett Hurd

(Not Pictured) Jessica Romero 

(Not Pictured) Sky Roosevelt-Morris

Lindsay LaBalle

Third Row (left to right): 

Bryanna Shaw

Matthew Bekier 

Megan Thompson​



 Staff Recipient - John Reilly, Jr. M.D.

John Reilly, Jr., M.D. graduated from Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School.  He trained in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital before joining the faculty there.  In 2008, he moved to Pittsburgh to join the Department of Medicine and became the department chairman in 2011.  He joined the CU School of Medicine in 2015 as Dean and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs.  He serves on the Boards of Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Denver Health and Hospital Authority, UC Health System, University of Colorado Hospital Authority and the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.  He and his wife Lise Woodard sponsor student scholarships through the School of Medicine and the ARCS Foundation and support the Denver Botanic Gardens and Denver Art Museum.  


 Staff Recipient Boram Jeong, PhD

Boram Jeong is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at CU Denver. Her research focuses on social & political philosophy, specifically the politics of time: theories of racialized, colonial, and gendered temporalities. She teaches courses on contemporary philosophy, critical philosophy of race & gender, and decolonial thought. She is deeply grateful for the support of Professors Glen Morris, Sarah Tyson & Tania Islas Weinstein, students & colleagues in the Philosophy Department, and the AAPI community. Many thanks to Professor Chad Shomura for his compassion and encouragement.​


 Community Recipient - State Representative Adrienne Benavidez

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