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Advised and Supported by AASS

​​The office of AASS supports and organizes several unique student organizations on campus. Involvement in student organizations provides many benefits to students. Such benefits include social events, cultural awareness programs, and networking. We strongly encourage  students to get involved in student organizations on and off campus. Here are Asian oriented student clubs here at UCD. ​​​​​​​​


 Student Chapters


 Asian American InterVarsity


General Meetings

Small Group (1-hour):

Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm or Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm

in CU Student Commons Building #2018/3018

Feb 11/12, Feb 18/19, Feb 25/26, Mar 3/4, Mar 10/11, Mar 17/18, Mar 31/1, Apr 7/8, Apr 14/15, Apr 21/22, Apr 28/29


Next Event: Boba Social

Tuesday, February 4th from 4:00-5:30pm in CU Denver Student Commons #1401

Other Events: TBA​​


 Asian Student Association

thumbnail_IMG_0059 (1).jpg

Asian Student Association of the University of Colorado Denver, strives to support, educate, strengthen, build, lead, advocate, and provide for the Asian American community. We celebrate all cultures surrounding and including Asian ​cultures, work to stay committed to serving out fellow Aurarian Campus student body and especially join hands with our fellow organizations across the state and nation. 

In doing so, we, Asian Student Association, strive to stay true to embracing all cultures no matter an individual's ethnicity or whatever walk in life they may come from and form relationships between the members and the Colorado community.

Asian Student Assocation

President: Judy Tran |

Vice President: Amy Nguyen |

Treasurer: Patitta Bankongwit|

Internal Public Relations: Matthew Hoang |

External Public Relations: Jimmy Nguyen |

Event Coordinator: Eddy Panklang |

Historian: Jennifer Dam|​

Club email:​​

f.png  ASA logo[2185] (2).png


 Council of Asian Student Leaders (CASL)



The purpose of the Council of Asian Student Leaders is to create a community among students who are engaged in Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) student groups or interested in AAPI issues. We strive to provide opportunities for professional, cultural, and leadership development. 

​Council of Asian Student Leaders

Co Chair: Judy Tran |

Co Chai​r: Kathy Le​ |

Secretary: Khrysha Tagum |

Treasurer: Jacob Bautista |

Event Planner: Katherine Nguyen |

Social Media Specialist: Tommy Nguyen |​

​Participating Clubs: 

  • Hawaii Club of Auraria (HCA)

  • South Asian Student Alliance (SASA)

  • Hmong Student Assocation of Colorado (HSAC)

  • Asian Student Alliance (ASA)

  • Flipino American Student Organization (SIBOL)

  • Hmong Student Assocation (HSA)

  • Indian Student Association (ISA)

  • Korean Club (KSA)

  • Society of Asian Scientists of Engineers (SASE)




 CU Denver Chinese Wushu Team


Paul Sahertian (2).JPG

Paul Sahertian (President)​

Kiana Pena.jpg

Kiana Pena (Vice-President)​

Basel Huer Al Duien (2).jpg

Basel Huer Al Duien (Treasurer)​

Jack Gialanella (Advisor)​

CU Denver.png

Wushu Poster Spring 2020.png 
CU Spring 2020 First Meeting.png


 CU Denver Dragon Boat Team

 Dragon boat.PNG

Congratulations to the CU Denver Dragon Boat Team!


1st place in the 250m and 2nd place in the 500m Dragon Boat Race On July 28-29, 2018 Colorado Dragon Boat Festival


​For information about the CU Denver team at the dragon Boat Festival, Click here (Pages 12 - 13)

For more photos of the team, Click here

For videos about the team, Click here​


Team Capitan: Katherine Khuu​​​

CU Denver Dragon Boat Team is organized, planned and led primarily by current students from the University of Colorado Denver campus. CU Denver was the first university team to compete in the local Colorado Dragon Boat Festival. CU Denver prides itself in the rich diversity of our campus with over 35% of the student body from culturally diverse backgrounds. We are proud to represent the University of Colorado Denver located in the heart of downtown Denver with strong academic programs and support services to help students succeed.

 dragon boat logo.png


 Hawaii Club of Auraria

hawaii club.jpg

The purpose of the Hawaii Club of Auraria is to provide a network of support to Hawaii and Pacific Island students transitioning into college and life in the mainland. We also strive to share our unique culture with students and faculty of the Auraria campus as well as the entire Denver community.


Vice President: 





 Hmong Student Association of Colorado (HSAC)

 thumbnail_IMG_0079 (1).jpg

​The Hmong Student Association of Colorado is geared towards educating the public about the Hmong community in Colorado. Hmong Student Association of Colorado (HSAC) acts towards promoting and educating the public about the Hmong culture through events and community services. HSAC also strives in advocating for higher education and leadership development among Hmong youths. 

President: Daisy Kue (Regis University)

Vice-President: Janice Vue (CU Denver)

Public Representative: Peter Phakonekhem (CU Denver)

Historian: Kim Xiong (CU Denver)

Treasurer: Jennifer Dam (CU Denver)

Secretary: Shiva Lor (Front Range)​

Event Coordinator: Pon Senphannarat (Boulder)

 HSA logo.jpg

Club meets: Bi-weekly Fridays of every month

Time/Place: TBD​​​​​


 Indian Student Association

ISA is a nonprofit and non-political organization. It is affiliated to all the associated students of University of Colorado Denver. 

The purpose of ISA is to promote and increase awareness of South Asian heritage and culture through education community involvement and providing forum for social networking. Over the past few years ISA has become one of the largest and most active student organizations on campus. We have nearly 700 members with 8 years of history and drawn audience of over 350 people to our annual shows like Holi and Diwali. The South Asian culture is one of the world's oldest and earliest cultures. ISA serves as a platform for its promotion. ​


President: Sneha Raza

Vice President: Aakash Kotha

Secretary: Akhila Bhamidipati

Treasurer: Monila Unni

Events Officer: Ahilya Shreeram Lom

Media and Marketing Officer: Riya Das​

  ISA vector logo.jpg



 Intercultural Club of Beijing




 The student club is built up based on the purpose of providing ICB students a better environment to live and to study. It could help ICB students build up their identity of international student, and will help them make better connection with American society. Furthermore, the student club will get in touch with ICB students who are studying in Beijing and will offer them basic and professional information about studying abroad. In addition, we are going to invite foreign students who want to go to Beijing as our club members, too. We suppose to open classes for foreign students to lean some simple Chinese and Chinese culture. All in all, this student club is a student-centered organization, and our goals are to maximize club members benefits in the U.S.​

President: Chang Liu 

Club meets: Weekly

Time: TBD

Place: TBD



 Korean Student Association



​A group at Auraria campus for thos who are interested in Korean culture of their Korean heritage. For thos who want to appreciate & celebrate Korean culture. 

We strive to offer a mix of cultural events, social events, & volunteer opportunities as a united community. 

President: Melinda Woo

Vice-President: Melanie Woe

Club meets: Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays

Time: TBD

Place: TBD




 SIBOL Filipino American Student Organization



Sibol is a Filipino student organization on Auraria Campus, Denver, CO. We exist to connect people interested in Philippine culture and identity to each other. 


Sibol nurtures a strong and positive Philippine-American identity in its members by providing a fun and safe haven for exploring and sharing who they are, by illuminating Philippine culture to them, and by immersing them in leadership and community involvement opportunities. Our vision is to create and provide for a network of people on Auraria Campus that are passionate about Filipino culture while also advocating leadership and community involvement. ​

President: Marian Evans


Club meets on: TBD

Time: TBD

Place: TBD ​


 Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers



SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential. In addition to professional development, SASE also encourages members to contribute to the enhancement of the communities in which they live. 

SASE's mission is to: 

(1)Prepare Asian heritage scientists and engineers for success in the global business world. 

(2)Celebrate diversity on campuses and in the workplace. 

(3)Provide opportunities for members to make contributions to their local communities. 

SASE will be having our first general meeting on Monday, September 26th, from 5:00- 6:00 pm in Tivoli 422. 

Meet the officers, learn what SASE is about! There will be some professional development, as well as food! Thank you. 

President: Brigitte Nguyen

External Vice-President: Anthony Phan

Internal Vice-President: Kenny Nguyen Ho

Treasurer: Lily Dam

SASE Website​

Club meets: TBD

Time: TBD



 South Asian Student Association



The purpose of SASA it to gather University of Colorado students and attendees of subordinates on Auraria Campus who have an interest in South Asian culture and organize events for the entire University community to promote awareness of South Asian culture. Events emphasized shall be academically, culturally, socially, and/or community oriented in nature. All students of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate in SASA activities. 

President: Sandyha Lamsal​

Vice-President: Sabitra Niroula

Treasurer: Surakshya Pathak 

Secretary: Jewell Keelachirangara

Media Specialist: Mastoorah Faizi 

Community Liaison: Shubheksha Shrestha

Club meets: TBD

Time: TBD

Place: TBD



 Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)



thumbnail_IMG_0074 (1).jpg 

​The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a cultural and social student organization, based at the University of Colorado Denver, whose goals are to promote individual and group leadership skills. BSA also strives to promote cultural awareness within the community and to thos of interest. 

External President: Tommy Nguyen

Internal President:  Kristina Nguyen

Spring Meeting Dates:

meeting dates.jpg                  

General Meeting Dates: 

second meeting.png           



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